Stocking Stuffers Under $25 from Crazy 8 & $50 GC #Giveaway!

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Affordable, quality, adorable clothes for kids. Plus a $50 Gift Card Giveaway for #Crazy8Kids!

It wasn’t too long before Christmas. It was the one right after my first child was born. I was at the mall. I forget why. I’m pretty sure I had driven someone there to do holiday shopping. I know it wasn’t of my own accord. It was the mall I had hung out at as a teen, and I was terrified I’d run into someone from my younger years. I was mortified that I wasn’t back in my size 6 jeans yet. (Oh, young Femme. How your body, and standards, will change after your next child.)

So I meandered around, sticking close to the shop doors so I could slink in at any sign of familiarity. At one of those doors, there was a massive sale sign. I peeked in. They had a display full of the cutest patterned tights on earth. It just so happened I had a baby who had the cutest Christmas dress on earth, but lacked leg coverings.

I don’t remember the exact price all these years later. But I do remember that it was low. Low enough for me to justify spending the few dollars it was on our extremely tight budget. My baby was adorable in her warm, knit stockings on Christmas day.

Adorable stocking stuffers and gifts under $25 at Crazy 8.

Waffle Shirt: $9.88 Cords: $19.88

That store was Crazy 8. I hadn’t been back there since. I don’t go to the mall often, and normally I get all my kids clothes as hand-me-downs or at resale shops.

That second child recently hit a stage, though, where we were out of hand-me-downs. We were planning a trip to the resale store when Crazy 8 asked if I wanted to come check them out again. It was perfect timing. I said, “Yes.”

Some background on the second child: we can’t get pants to stay on. My kids are reasonably tall for their age, but this one doesn’t have enough bulk to keep a pair of shorts, khakis or cords from slipping off when we buy pants that are long actually enough.

Adorable gifts and stocking stuffers under $25 at Crazy 8.

Plaid Fleece Hoodie: $14.88 Dark Jeans: $19.88

When we went into the store, the first thing I was impressed with was how incredibly cute everything was. They still had the adorable tights. But they also had the cutest tees, dresses, jeans, sweaters, bows, and everything else you could imagine.

I still wasn’t sure, though. We had to try everything on. As we slipped the first pair of pants on, my husband and I looked at each other in shock. “They fit!”

“Hold on. Let’s see.  Jump!”

My child laughed as they literally jumped for joy. They were thrilled with the attention that comes along with modeling clothes. We were thrilled that the clothes actually stayed on. We’ve finally found pants that fit my slender kid.

Adorable gifts and stocking stuffers under $25 at Crazy 8.

Waffle Shirt: $9.88 Jeans: $16.88

Something else that thrilled us? The prices. We had walked in on the last day of another massive sale that gave us more than 75% off half of the clothes. Even if there hadn’t been a sale, not a single thing I looked at in that store cost over $25 at normal price. I was so shocked that I checked a lot price tags, too…even for things that we weren’t buying. And the prices listed in all of these pictures? They’re full price; not sale price.

There’s still merit in resale. But when we can find stylish, quality clothes that we know will fit at such a low price…let’s just say we’ll be reconsidering where we buy for the foreseeable future.

No matter what your kid’s size, Crazy 8 has tons of stocking stuffers and gifts for under $25. From adorable tights to little man holiday dinner outfits, there’s something for every child on their shelves. And something for every parent’s budget.

Adorable, affordable stocking stuffers and gifts at Crazy 8 for under $25.

Dress Shirt: $16.88 Sweater: $24.88 Dress Pants: $24.88

Two Ways to Win

If you want to have your own Crazy 8 experience, I have two ways for you guys to get your hands on a gift card!

The first is to enter the Jump for Joy #Crazy8Sweepstakes. To enter, all you have to do is post a picture of your kiddo jumping for joy on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to include “#Crazy8Kid” and “#Crazy8Sweepstakes” in your post/tweet, and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize of an $88 Crazy 8 gift card. The sweepstakes is running through December 9th.

The second way to win is to enter this giveaway here on the blog. Use the widget below to enter to win a $50 gift card to Crazy 8. The last day to enter is Monday, November 23, so if you reply to my notification email speedily, you could have it in time for Black Friday! Best of luck to all!



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*I received a gift card myself for the writing of this post. Regardless, all opinions are 100% honest and 100% my own.*

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