Wedding on a Budget

It’s time to get hitched! Synonymous with wedding bells are wedding bills. With the average wedding costing over $25,000, it’s no wonder that weddings are such a stressful time.

There are, however, ways to get married for less. My own wedding cost me less than $3,000, and it was beautiful.

That’s why on Femme Frugality, we arm you an arsenal of wedding savings tips. We know from experience that you can, indeed, have a wedding on a budget.

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The Internet’s Trusted Source for Self-Uniting Wedding Information

Femme Frugality is the internet’s number one source for self-uniting wedding information. Not only do we provide coverage on self-uniting marriages across states, but our coverage also motivated the first atheist, non-clergy wedding in the state of California.

If you want to learn how to get married without an officiant, you’ve come to the right place.

DIY Wedding on a Budget

DIY’ing your wedding can be a great way to save money–if done correctly. While some measures can save you money, others can actually cost more via economics or time headaches.

So go ahead. DIY your big day. Just make sure you’re doing it smart on top of doing it yourself.

The Biggest Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

Do you know when the best time of year to buy your dress is? How about your wedding rings? Timing is everything when it comes to wedding purchases, so make sure you’re looking at the calendar.

Other ways to cut your wedding costs are not as convenient as planning in advance. We cover guest lists, alcohol choices, and when you actually tie the knot–and how all of these decisions can save you big bucks.

It won’t be simple–wedding planning never is. But you can have your dream day wedding on a budget. It will be something you’ll and you’re guests will be talking about well into your happily ever after.

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