Intersectional Money Series

Just as every person’s life experience is different, so too is their experience with money. In an attempt to share as many perspectives as possible, Femme Frugality hosts a series of stories on intersectional finances.

Here are a few of the intersections where people experience money differently because of systemic oppression:

  • Race.
  • Gender.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Religion.
  • Disability.
  • Socioeconomic class.
  • The list goes on.

Each piece in the series is directed by its author, who lives at the intersection about which they write.

This series is ongoing. If you’re interested in contributing, please get in get in touch.

If you’re here to read, we’re happy to have you and encourage you to browse! Be sure to check back often as new pieces will be added. If you feel so moved, the best way to interact with an author’s story is to leave a comment on their individual post.

domestic violence advocate

The Intersection of Islamophobia and Domestic Violence

Nour Naas shares her important story and perspective on domestic violence and how marginalized groups face additional barriers when it comes to reporting.

First-hand account of disableism impacting your money situation from an autistic woman.

How Disableism Has Affected My Finances

How hard is it to get a job when you're autistic? And then, once you have a job, how hard is it to keep even if the quality of your work is excellent? Read this important and eye-opening post--and then pass it along to the HR manager at work.

Intersectional Women's Finances

Overcoming Financial Obstacles as a Black Woman

Black women in America face double the wage gap, work more for less pay and incur more stress as a result. Join us as Chonce Maddox shares her experiences.

Stranger in My Native Land: Asian American Money

Asian-American women face racism and xenophobia on a regular basis. Along with it comes the need for hypervigelence around career and financial matters.

Lived Experience, Bravery and Fear

What is the financial impact of being a woman in a same-sex relationship? Taylor shares how her money decisions are contextualized by lived experience.

Heteronormativity at work is damaging and can lead to loss of talent.

Heteronormativity at Work

Heteronormativity at work is damaging and can lead to loss of talent. Don't know what heteronormativity is? You need to read this right now.