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Did you recently move out of your parents’ basement?

Congrats! You’re a full-fledged adult!

It’s time to let you in on a little secret: half the time, us full-fledged adults don’t have our crap together.

That includes money management. Whether you’re 21 or 64, odds are you could use some help tidying up your personal finances.

Managing Your Monthly Cash Flow

You get a paycheck, and you’ve got bills.

But you also have social outings, retirement to plan for and potentially children to feed.

How do you manage it all?

A budget.

Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across the home of the Golden Rule of Budgeting. If you can follow this financial philosophy, the vast majority of your budgeting woes will fly out the window.

Money Management for the Future

Whilst managing your money, it’s easy to forget that someday you’ll be old. But if you’re lucky, you will be.

Start saving money for your retirement now. Get the proper insurance you need to take care of your family in case the unimaginable happens. Plan your finances not just around what you need today, but around what you will need tomorrow. Your future self will thank you.

If you already are old, first of all, congratulations. You’re one of the lucky ones that made it. If your money’s not in order, don’t distress. It won’t be as easy as if you had started when you were young, but money management for your own future is still possible.

Money Management for Your Past (AKA Debt)

Did you take out student loans? Rack up too much on that credit card? Americans are laden with debt, and while we’re not all about never taking out a loan, we are all about being healthy about it. Find out how to pay off your debt and borrow wisely, along with budgeting and planning for tomorrow, using the archives below.

Spending money you don't have isn't cute.

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Sick of monthly banking fees? Here are some solutions.

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