Ways to Save Money

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Ah, savings. Such a ubiquitous word with so many meanings–and all of them important.

Whether you’re spending less money at the store or stocking cash away for retirement, you’re actively saving. Femme Frugality covers savings in all forms. In fact, when I was living in poverty, this blog was started with the primary goal of both building savings and saving money on every last purchase possible.

Saving More by Spending Less

Saving vs Spending is a huge battle that each one of us fights. We may fight it on the daily if we’re shopoholics, or we may fight it only during periods of emotions distress.

Frugality as a Lifestyle Choice

The frugal look to save money anywhere they can. On every last purchase, they look for coupons or promo codes. They comparison shop and sometimes go without.

When we practice frugality and have money, we’re making financial decisions from a place of empowerment.

When we practice frugality and don’t have money, we’re making financial decisions from a place of necessity.

We may be making the same decisions, but the underlying cause of our decision affects our psyche differently.

Regardless of why you’ve chosen frugality, you’ll find more than your fair share of inspirational new ideas here.

Frugality as a Shopoholic

I’ve never really been a shopoholic. The few times I’ve gone on a spending binge, I get crazy strong buyer’s remorse and return all the things very shortly after I purchase them.

We all have our own struggles, though, and I am certainly not judging you for yours. Frugality tips can help shopoholics just as much as they can help those who have chosen a frugal lifestyle.

Ways to Save Money for Your Future

Another major aspect of savings is squirreling away money. Maybe that money is for your emergency fund. Maybe it’s for your kids’ education. Maybe it’s for your own retirement.

Whatever you’re saving money for, it’s a good habit to get into, and one we write about frequently here on Femme Frugality.

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