Sales on Artisan-Made Zodiac Gifts

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I really love the Zodiac ornament. The healing crystals for each zodiac sign are pretty cool, too! Going to have to check out these Black Friday sales on Etsy.

Do you guys believe in astrology?

Don’t worry. I’m expecting a firm “no.”

But I do think its fun to think about. Could the stars’ formation at the time of your birth have an impact on your life? If so, is there such a thing as free will or is everything up to fate?

I’ll let you think on that while you review your 100% Femme Frugality generated financial horoscope. Note that the description of your sign is a very loose amalgam of what I’ve read over the years, and that I cannot see into your financial future. Don’t make any money decisions based off of this.

It’s just supposed to be fun.


Black Friday Sales on Zodiac Gifts at Etsy

I have a little bit of an Etsy obsession. It’s one that I curb for sure, but it’s not easy.

What does make it a little bit easier this time of year is that I actually have to buy people presents and have money budgeted for that purpose. And there are sales.

That’s right. There are even holiday sales on Etsy. Like a lot of retailers, some individual artisans have chosen to extend their sales for the entire week. But you can expect to see even more come Friday.

The following gifts are at the intersection of, “Isn’t astrology cool to think about,” and, “I heart sales.”

Celestial Constellation Necklace

Delicate jewelry zodiac constellations

These necklaces from Mignon & Mignon aren’t just gorgeous—they’re also on sale and ship the next day. Triple win!

Currently, you can get a necklace for $13.95, though you can opt to add charms with engraved initials for personalization, too.

Sterling Silver Zodiac Charms

sterling silver zodiac charm

I studied astronomy in high school, so I’m inherently an expert on Greek mythology.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

One of the cool things we learned about was the origins of the concept of heaven and hell.

Some ancient peoples believed the Earth was inside a sphere of darkness illuminated during the day by the sun. Beyond that dark sphere was light immemorial. The constellations were actually punched out of the dark sphere by the gods’ will in order to either memorialize or entrap certain humans and creatures who had died.

So the stars weren’t actual matter. They were holes that allowed you a slight glimpse of that light. A glimpse of the heaven above us.

I’m loving that these necklaces pay homage to that world view–whether intentionally¬† or not.

You can get them from PoppiesBeadsnMore for just $6.44. She’s running a sale where you get 10% off your order if your total comes to $50+.

Zodiac Crystal Sets

Crystal sets for each zodiac sign.Dear Sister-in-Law,

I hope you’re not reading this post, because I fully plan on getting this for you for Christmas. It would ruin the surprise, and you’d know that I got it for 20% off at LovebyLunaCo.

Don’t worry. I know you’re not a Pisces. They have a different set for each zodiac sign.



Zodiac Scented Candles

zodiac scented candlesAffordable stocking stuffers customized to your giftee’s zodiac sign. And they’re currently 10% off.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also customize the scent of your Vibes & Co. candle. You get to pick from these options:

  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • White Linen Breeze
  • Sunflower Sage
  • Lavender Vanilla
  • Birthday Cake

Vintage Constellation Map

constellation art

I am totally nerding out on this one. I love the stories that were constructed around the arrangement of constellations. Like the constant battle between Orion and Scorpius that forbade them from being in the sky at the same time except for the briefest of moments.

Flip this retro chart over and you’ll be able to see the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere–which is completely different. Hailing from the year 1955, this one-of-a-kind item is currently 15% off from Antique Print Store.

Zodiac Sign Christmas Ornament

zodiac sign christmas ornaments

Gah, I can’t lie. These Christmas ornaments from Mooseberry Design Co aren’t on sale, but I really hope they will be over the weekend. Because <3.

Even in the worst case scenario of no sales, I feel like they’re fairly priced.

Your Zodiac Feedback

Does your personality match the loosely fabricated description on the quiz? Do you think your horoscope will come true?

Are you crushing on any of these items as hard as I am?

Let me know in the comments!

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      Haha, yes. My version is more of a blunt tool than the nuanced generalities that you usually get with these types of things. Thanks for being a good sport–and you are an awesome bargain hunter!


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