Things I Haven’t Done to Make Money

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There’s been a list of things to-do to bring in some extra cash via the side hustle that I’ve been ignoring.  And I’ve decided that’s okay.  Some activities just aren’t worth my time or don’t utilize my talents.  But they may just suit you!  So instead of never putting them out there, I thought I’d give you the opportunity to give them a  try.

1.  Sell my clothes on eBay
I’ve had success selling stuff on eBay in the past. I haven’t done it on a large scale.  I thought about selling the clothes I no longer want on the on-line market place, but it requires some work.  You have to take pictures, take measurements (which would require me to buy a tailor’s measuring tape,) and weighing items to predict accurate shipping.  So my sell pile grew higher and higher while I waited to find my motivation.  It never came.  So I did what I’ve always done in the past:  donated them.  And I feel good about it.  I may not have made money off of it, but by donating I’m definitely still helping my community.  Stores like Goodwill use their profits to employ and train individuals to get job.  There are also some local thrift stores in my area, and by donating to them I’m allowing a small business in my area to make a profit.

2.  Design clothes on Zazzle
I have designed on Zazzle.  I kind of tried.  I’ve sold one thing in a year.  I haven’t really marketed my stuff, though.  And I’m not really trying to.  I’m not very artsy.  But for creative types, this may be a great option.  I have a whole post on how I failed and how you can succeed.

3.  Take on-line surveys
There’s tons of on-line survey companies out there that pay you to do them.  I think there’s one called Pinecone Research that pays at least $3 a survey.  While I’ve taken a few on Swagbucks, I quickly abandoned the idea.  It’s too much time for too little money.  There’s other things I’d rather spend my time at.  But I know there are a ton of people who absolutely love taking this avenue to build up some extra cash.

29 thoughts on “Things I Haven’t Done to Make Money

  1. Modest Money

    I’m with you on this kind of stuff too…just not worth my time. I’ve tried surveys in the past, but it was just so tedious and then they pay you next to nothing. As for ebay, I just don’t buy the name brand clothes that would get decent prices on there. So I just donate anything that I wouldn’t wear anymore.

  2. Nurse Frugal

    I hear you, I need to get better at selling my stuff on ebay and craigslist too. I look at my closet and think about how much of it I can sell, and it makes me sad. I just get so lazy!!!!

  3. AverageJoe

    When I first saw your post I thought you said you’d never Bedazzled anything for money. Ha! Neither have I. That’s because I keep all my Bedazzled jeans to wear out on the weekends. Sweet!

  4. femmefrugality

    Surveys can be a time suck for sure. I never even knew about Zazzle shoes….I might have to check that out! And I’m with you Av Joe….my bedazzled stuff is for personal use only. lol

  5. jefferson @seedebtrun

    that survey company you mention.. pinecone.. is crap. don’t bother.. but there are others that are actually pretty decent. i use a company called qualvu and do video surveys about once every 3/4 months for somewhere between $70-$100 each. totally worth it…

  6. Amanda

    Yeah it’s definitely nice to have some extra cash on hand, but it’s also tough sometimes just because some of those money makers can be especially time consuming…

  7. Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    I used to sell clothes on ebay and still will if they are very nice, but buyers can get really mean if they think they are getting something better than is actually listed. Someone gave us a neutral feedback because his $5 used shoes were not “new enough”. Consignment stores work better or donating is nice too. I am not creative enought to design anything and surveys just take too long.

  8. Shilpan

    I can’t agree with you more. It doesn’t make sense to spend 30 mins on completing a survey to earn lame $3. I am a big proponent of learning skills that are in high demand.

  9. Meredith

    Okay, I have done the e-bay clothes and the online surveys. Both were disasters. The clothes selling was crazy detailed–people needed to know all the measurements, etc., and it took boatloads of time–not worth it. And exactly like you said–too much time for too little money for the surveys. In short, I agree!

  10. MyMoneyDesign

    These things are okay, but the effort vs reward just isn’t there. After blogging for a year now and finally making some cash, I’m certain that you could probably make 50X more with your blog any day over all 3 combined.

  11. eemusings

    I’ve sold a couple of clothing items online, but to get rid of them, not with the purpose of actually making money…

    I do do online surveys as they’re quick and easy when they come up, but it’s certainly not a huge moneymaker.


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