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As promised, today we will expand on Swagbucks.  They’re essentially a search engine that rewards you with points (Swagbucks) for using them to do internet searches you’d do anyways.  I was recently informed by some hard core ‘Mericans that I should stop using google, anyways.  Something about outsourcing jobs to other countries.  Or something.  So I tried Swagbucks.  Not disappointed.


Why would I want to use Swagbucks?
Because they reward you with those points.  And those points get you free stuff.  Like gift cards, electronics, books, jewelry…the list goes on.  You can find it all in their swagstore on their website.  I know a lot of people use it to help with Christmas shopping.

Why does Swagbucks give me free stuff?
Easy enough.  They make money off the advertisers on the site.


Sign Up
You get points for signing up.  Then you get more points for uploading a picture.  You get even more points for liking them on facebook and doing similar things on your other social networks.

Use Coupons
Check out the last post to see how this one works.

Daily Deals
These look like groupons except not necessarily localized.  Purchase $50 worth of product for $25 etc.  If it’s something you decide you’d use or want, you get rewarded with Swagbucks when you purchase it.  So groupons with benefits.

Daily Polls
You earn one Swagbuck for participating in the daily poll.

I’ve reduced my Facebook gaming in exchange for playing addictive flash games on Swagbucks and getting rewarded for it.  Hopefully I don’t invest too much time in either, but if I’m going to be wasting time anyways I might as well occasionally get rewarded for it.

Invite Friends
You earn points for inviting your friends off Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Google.

No Obligation Service Offers
This is a bunch of companies trying to get you to sign up for their mailing lists.  The beauty of this one?  You can tell them no.  Just click “next offer” or “skip” under each offer.  Once you’ve completed four or five of them, you earn some more Swagbucks regardless of whether you’ve signed up or not.

We’ve touched on this one.  You use their search engine to do your everyday searches.  Every once in a while, you’ll randomly be awarded Swagbucks for doing what you’d be doing anyways.

Special Offers
These are people trying to get you to buy their stuff.  Read the directions for each one, but on all the one’s I’ve seen there is no purchase necessary.  Which means you just point and click and get even more Swagbucks.

Watch TV
And videos.  On Swagbucks.  Make Swagbucks.

This one is like turking, only instead of getting real money you get Swagbucks.

Trade Ins
You can trade in gaming consoles or games for Swagbucks.  This one doesn’t look so hot to me.  I haven’t done it, but I’d probably just take it into a trade-in store and get real money.

Take surveys on Swagbucks to make a lot of Swagbucks.  They’ll put you through a qualification section.  A lot of times you get rejected based on your demographics.  But when you’re approved it’s a decent way to make Swagbucks fast.

Look for Codes
Swagbucks will post codes that look something like this:  ThisIsNotACode.  Capital and lowercase letters with no spaces.  When you find them, you put them in the “Gimme” box (found right under your account summary on the Swagbucks homepage when you are logged in.)  You can find codes on Swagbook’s facebook, twitter, and flickr pages along with on their toolbar and blog.

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