Mother’s Day Cards That Fight Domestic Violence

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NOTE: If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can seek advice by calling at 1-800-799-7233. They can help you get a safety plan together, access community resources and learn more about internet safety as someone may be monitoring your usage.

greeting card with vague black outline of a big person hugging a child. Each individual has a red heart over their chest.

Domestic violence in the US is heartbreakingly yet unsurprisingly even worse during the pandemic. People are trapped with their abusers for longer periods of time, unable to safely access resources — and that was no easy task prior to social distancing.

These community resources that those experiencing IPV depend on are grossly underfunded. A lot of times, even if you are able to safely reach out for help, they may not have enough space in the shelter or funding available to get you to safety.

If you’ve thought about donating before, this is a really good time to support these organizations, as they’re facing complex challenges in meeting the needs of our communities.

Mother’s Day Cards to Support Women’s Shelter

Here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, All Hands On Deck is kicking off 2021 with a Mother’s Day Card Drive. Nine local artists designed all 15 cards, which are available for $6/each.

All of the proceeds will go to the Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh.

So if you’re buying your mom a fancy greeting card anyways, why not have the profits go to a good cause?

When you purchase a card from the AllHandsPGH Etsy shop, it will be printed at the PGH Print Shop in Etna. All cards will be mailed by May 3rd, to ensure it gets there for Mother’s Day on the 9th.

Whether you’re from the Burgh or not, I hope you’ll consider swapping out that grocery-store greeting card for one of these personalizable options that supports our women’s shelter!

Here are just some of the designs:

gretting card featuring one of the three sisters bridges in pittsburgh, shot from an angle where you can see a small part of downtown in the background. In the foreground are pink spring flower blossoms.^^^Get this card here^^^


Yellow print says 'WOW MOM' on a blue background. Hand-drawn flower on front is orange, pink and yellow.^^^Get this card here^^^


Fifties-style drawing of a mother holding her young child. Text reads 'Everyone loves a Pittsburgh mom"^^^Get this card here^^^


Pink card with purple letters that reads 'Thank you for putting up with my shit' A drawing of poop is featured on the card.^^^Get this card here^^^


greeting card with painting of a woman in a headwrap and red dress. Background is green, pink, blue, orange and yellow in abstract patterns.^^^Get this card here^^^


greeting card with vague black outline of a big person hugging a child. Each individual has a red heart over their chest.^^^Get this card here^^^


Greeting card with a grid of light red hearts on a dark red background. Black outline of a rose printed over top, with the words "Mom Beauty & Power" printed below.^^^Get this card here^^^


Greeting card with a picture of a woman kneading bread in an 1800s kitchen. Above, text reads "To my mother who loves me, one disappointing look at a time," Below, text reads "Happy Mother's Day!"^^^Get this card here^^^


Pittsburgh skyline shot from the Monongahela side just below the Point. Gateway Clipper is traveling toward the Point under the Fort Pitt Bridge.^^^Get this card here^^^


greeting card with painting of a woman tenderly holding the skull of an alien skeleton that appears to be alive between her hands.^^^Get this card here^^^

More about All Hands on Deck

From the people behind the org:

Last fall, with the help of Bar Marco and Public Print House, All Hands on Deck held three outdoor artist markets in the Strip District with the intention of safely bringing together artists and vendors to sell their work, while collectively raising money for local nonprofits that support Pittsburgh artists.
From just these three events in our inaugural year, we were able to raise a total of $2,181 which was split between Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid, the Afro American Music Institute, and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council



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