Quarantine Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

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My mom is a huge part of my life. We live local to each other. She usually sees the kids at least once a week if not more. Her generosity with childcare is what has made my career possible.

We miss her. And not just for babysitting purposes. She’s one of the most generous, loving people I know. To not be in her presence is punishment.

Gifts for Grandma During Social Isolation

I feel like this Mother’s Day is going to be hard for a lot of reasons for a lot of different people. In an effort to make the experience a little more meaningful, I’ve partnered with Etsy to feature a bunch of great Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandmas during Social Isolation.

Each gift comes from a different Etsy maker, each with an independent small business you’ll be supporting should you purchase their product.

Some of the gifts involve spending some extra time together via technology. Because we all know time is the gift she wants most.

Not all of the gifts are frugal. For this particular list, I was really looking for gifts that seem like they would help as everyone’s missing each other.

But I have put them in order of price lowest to highest. That way if you don’t want to be tempted, you can stop scrolling when the price gets higher than your budget.

I Miss Your Face Candle

Price: $10.99
Where to buy: VintageCreated
UPDATE: VintageCreated is sold out! She has a ton more cute candles which I still recommend checking out, but if you’re looking for ‘Miss Your Face’ specifically, here’s an alt from RusticSugarCreekCo!

This has definitely been a text I’ve both seen and sent a myriad of times since the stay-at-home orders went into effect. On top of circumstance-appropriate messaging for Grandma this mother’s day, I’m in love with this particular candle shop for the scent options:

  • White Birch Vanilla
  • Lemon & Mint Leaf
  • Vanilla Chai Latte
  • Lavender Blackberry
  • Pink Peony
  • Strawberry Lemonade

You can also get unscented if you so desire.

But did you see there’s Strawberry Lemonade?!

Grandma Shark Stemless Wine Glass

Price: $13.99
Where to buy: Momstir
UPDATE: You all loved this one so much Momstir is out! Very comparable alternative is available from Eugenie2.

Grandma Shark!

Wine can bring this whole leaving-the-house-is-dangerous thing a little more levity. If your mom’s into the grapes, consider pairing this stemless wine glass with a bottle of her favorite.

Bonus points if you schedule a Skype session after the kids are in bed. Feel free to BYOB and catch up with mom.

Love You to the Moon and Back Coffee Mug

Price: $17.00
Where to buy: PuffPaperCo

If grandma is living far away even when we’re not all staying inside, check out this super sweet coffee mug that allows you to share the love across state lines. Maybe you could even do Mother’s Day breakfast together via Hangouts?

Nana Apron

Price: $22.00
Where to buy: MonsMomtique
UPDATE: She’s sold out for the moment! You can get a similar set from ImprintandImpress in pink — just request the names be changed!

These aprons are customizable, so you can put in ‘Grandma,’ ‘Nana,’ ‘Mor Mor’ or whatever you call your family matriarch.

For this one, you could pair it with a cooking lesson! Coordinate with Nana ahead of time to make sure you have all the ingredients, and then your kids and mom can cook together via FaceTime!

Grandma Hug Pillow

Price: $29.00
Where to buy: OhRosieMyPosie
UPDATE: You guys bought OhRosieMyPosie OUT!!! I’m glad you loved this one. Luckily, you can find pretty much the same pillow — identical poem and all — at FirandNeedle!

This feels like something the ladies at church would have made at Enrichment Night when I was a kid. That is to say, it’s adorable and wholesome.

And in this time when Grandma can’t hug your littles, it can serve as some type of substitute.

Personalized Night Light Blue Tooth Speaker

Price: $48.36
Where to buy: GiftsJourney

Okay, imagine sending Grandma a night light in your children’s image. If your mom’s anything like mine, she LOVES that kind of next-level photo gift.

Now imagine doing that, but the nightlight is also a blue tooth speaker. Have your kid send a Spotify or YouTube playlist that makes them think of her, and she can find your child’s company in the music!

The fun thing about this is that your child can update the music at anytime. As long as Grandma keeps the nightlight, it’s a gift that can keep on giving.

If you have multiple children, you can get them all in one photo on one nightlight.

Fleece Photo Blanket for Grandma

Price: $80.25
Where to buy: PersonalizeItFreeNY

Speaking of next-level photo gifts…

While Grandma can’t cuddle the grandkids, she can cuddle up with this fleece. Again, grandmas are always loving on those photos, and it’s a great way to remind her the little ones miss her — especially right now.

Long-Distance Grandma Love Lamps

Price: $152.00
Where to buy: FriendshipLamps

Okay, these lamps are really cool.

You keep one. You send the other to your mom.

Then, when your kids miss her or are thinking about her, they tap the lamp.

In grandma’s house, the light will lamp up, letting her know your child is thinking of her.

It works visa versa, too!

These lamps have been really popular with long-distance couples and besties recently, but with everyone on quarantine, they would light up your mom’s day, too.

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