5 Essentials Every Travel Bug Needs to Know

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Consider yourself a bit of a travel bug, planning your next trip abroad shortly after arriving back from your last vacation?

Daydreaming about the next most thrilling region to experience at any given moment?

Then you probably already know most of the ins and outs of traveling abroad. Even though you likely have a valid passport and all the other relevant documentation you need to explore the world, there are some essentials that you might not be aware of just yet.

These essentials can enhance your globe-trotting experiences by simplifying your travels and ensuring you are prepared for any situation.

International Travel And Medical Insurance

International travel and medical insurance offered by GeoBlue might not be mandatory insurance for travelers. In fact, many American health insurance policies will cover you while abroad.

I’ve even had a health insurance rep request that if I was going to get hurt, I do it while I was travelling in Europe rather back home in the US. The cost of care is cheaper there, and costs the health insurer less money.

However, it can be beneficial depending on where you plan on travelling. GeoBlue provides a few different kinds of international travel and medical insurance policies, so you should choose one specifically relevant to your current health coverage status and end destination.

This type of insurance coverage will ensure that you have access to expert health care facilities should you need it, regardless of where you may be in the world. The policy provides medical care while it also protects you from travel-related mishaps such as lost baggage, delayed flights, and others that would otherwise have you overspending on your travel budget.

Some of their policies are most suitable for solo travelers, while others are great for multi-trips. Still others are best for ex-pats. A little bit of research about this type of insurance will help you determine which policy is best for you.

Travel Vaccinations

Travel vaccines are vital depending on where you will be traveling. However, even if you are traveling to a region where vaccines aren’t mandatory, it is still wise to visit your doctor before leaving on your trip to determine which vaccines would be beneficial. Some areas require multiple vaccines, and these will ensure you don’t fall ill while enjoying your experience abroad.

The most commonly required travel vaccinations include yellow fever, Hepatitis A and B, polio, meningococcal infection, cholera, malaria, and a few others. However, your travel vaccination needs will depend entirely on where you are traveling to. For this specific reason, it is always wise to visit your doctor at least one month before heading off on your next travel experience to ensure your vaccinations are always up to date.

In this specific moment in time, Americans need to remember that they’re coming from a place of extreme privilege with their access to COVID-19 vaccinations. If you’re travelling somewhere where they do not yet have access, or if you are not yourself vaccinated,  it may be worth taking the time to question your motivation to play tourist in someone else’s home during a global pandemic, and if that motivation is noble enough to follow through on.

Anti-Theft Luggage

Even if you have done your research ahead of time, you should still take measures to protect yourself as a solo traveler.

Anti-theft luggage is available in various designs and sizes, and the investment is well-worth, considering you travel pretty often. With that said, there are also tons of other self-protection items to consider, such as self-defense keychains, etc.,  that will ensure you can travel the world with confidence and peace of mind.

Travel Documentation And An Organizer

Of course, you already know that travel documentation is vital. Keeping your documentation safe and secure while traveling? IRL, that’s tough.

Your documents can easily be misplaced, even if you have not yet had such an issue. To avoid losing your documents while enjoying your vacation, you can invest in a travel documentation organizer that will keep all your documents safe in one place.

This type of organizer is similar to a wallet or purse. In addition to an organizer, you should also store copies of your documents in the cloud on your Drive to ensure you still have access to your documents even if you lose your organizer.

Universal Adapters

Plug sockets vary from region to region, and arriving in a foreign country only to find that you can’t charge your phone or laptop because your charger doesn’t fit in the plugs at your chosen accommodation can be extremely frustrating.

Instead of taking a chance, you should invest in universal adapters, and always bring them along with you regardless of where you are traveling. Universal adapters are also pretty cheap.

Whether you are traveling to Japan on a budget or visiting Australia to explore the diverse natural landscapes, you should always ensure you have the essentials that will protect you from any unpredictable situations.


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