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I’m quickly realizing that baby and kid’s stuff is expensive.  Ridiculously expensive.  So I’m happy resale stores exist.  You can go in and buy gently used items (some are even brand new) for something ridiculous like 70% or more off their original sale value.  On top of this…if you’re looking for a way to find some quick cash, resale stores are a great way to go.


Now, there is resale, and then there is consignment.  With consignment you take your gently used items in, they will price them, and then when they sell you split the profit with the store.  Often if the item doesn’t sell within a certain time period it will automatically be donated.  Which is wonderful, but leaves you with nothing.

Many times you will have to be on top of your stuff, calling into the store to check and see if your items sold.  Otherwise they will not contact you and keep your profits, hoping you will forget about them.  (Not true for all stores, but it does happen.)

I prefer resale.  You take your items in.  They review them and offer you a bid.  You can either accept or reject.  If you accept, you’re walking out with that money in your pocket regardless of if the store can sell it or not.

A great resale store is Once Upon a Child.  They are very selective in what they will purchase from you (must be clean, relatively new, and meet current safety standards.)  The flip side of this is the reassurance you get when you go in to purchase from them.  They’re nationwide and have a store locator on their website.

If you don’t have kids but want to take advantage of resale shops in Pittsburgh, you can check out Half-Price Books.  They sell books, typically at 50% off the cover price, and also buy your old books on the spot. Their payout is horrible, but if you’re clearing off your bookshelves it might yield you more than Amazon depending.

Have fun saving or selling!

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  1. Erin is great for diapers, wipes and other baby things. You can get up to 30% off, plus free shipping!

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