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Today’s post is about turking.
Turking is doing work on your computer for a myriad of people that will pay you a tiny bit of money to do it.  They are hiring you because the tasks they want done are things they simply can’t get their computer to do as well as your average human being.
I used Amazon’s turking program to try this out.  I spent about five hours (over the course of a few weeks) taking surveys, captioning pictures, writing trivia questions, and, in one case, ghostwriting.  (I won’t do the last again…something about it makes me feel dirty.  It wasn’t a term paper or anything like that, though.  Completely legit.)  The jobs paid minimally.  The ones I took were anywhere from $.25-2.00.  I’ve concluded that turking is not a good way to round up extra cash.
That being said, I was THRILLED when I was offered the option to apply my five dollars and some random cents earnings towards my recent Amazon purchase.  It felt like they were giving me a free discount even though I knew I had worked for it.
So turking…if you’re going to be wasting your time playing on the internet anyways, you might as well be earning money for it.  But if you’re looking for good ways to make quick cash, this is definitely not the most efficient.

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