5 Ways to Save Money & The Environment

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Now, more than ever, we see the desire to step up and do our bit for the environment. But with jobs being hard to come by these days and for those of us working, wages are not keeping up with inflation. It can seem too costly to live a green life.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though; here are five great ways to be kinder to the environment and save yourself some money at the same time.

Not Using the Car

Not using the car will save you money by using less gas, but it’s not just the miles you are not driving; it’s the type of miles.

Short trips are the most polluting, because they use more fuel, due to a cold engine requiring more energy. This logically will result in higher costs. There is also the added benefit of the exercise you would have otherwise missed out on.

Renewable Energy

If we can get our electricity from a sustainable energy provider such as solar, hydro or wind, then we are doing better for the green cause.

You can easily get solar panels on the roof of your home or install a small wind turbine if space allows. If you rent, you can pick a green energy generator through your local electric delivery company.

Electric Vehicles

How effective are electric vehicles compared to those that run on traditional gas? This is a debate that has been going on for years, you can read some great discussion on the subject at Fossil Fuel.

An electric vehicle is environmentally-friendly and can be cheaper to run, but that all depends on where your electricity comes from. If it is from a coal-powered plant, then you are only moving the point of where the pollution enters the atmosphere.

Still, as energy production moves more towards renewables, then the benefits of electric will increase.

Ditch Throw-Away Fashion

We all want to look good, and in recent years cheap, throw-away fashion has become a real trend. Due to the number of synthetic materials in affordable clothing, it’s not a good idea for the environment. 

Actually, with how long these garments last, quality clothing is a good investment in comparison.

Grow Your Own Food & Cook 

There has been a real appeal in growing your own food recently. This is a great hobby to get your hands dirty and really reconnect with the earth. It’s also a fantastically healthy way to eat.

If you grow your own garden, you are cutting down on food miles, how far your food travels and are avoiding highly salty and fatty foods as you control the ingredients. It’s easier to know precisely what you are eating when it’s not pre-prepared by a food company.

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