Functional Fashion Pieces for Modern Frugal Moms

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functional fashion modern frugal mom

Modern moms don’t have time to fuss with fashion, but they still want to look good and feel their best. So, how do you blend fashion and function without breaking the bank? Turn to key fashion pieces that can be worn all year round and provide purpose along with style. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. Many essential fashion pieces can be found at discount stores and on sales racks, especially toward the end of each season.

If you’re having a tough time figuring out what staple pieces to add to your wardrobe, think basics and accessories. Here’s a list of some of the key pieces you always want to have in your closet.

Jazzy Jeans

Whether you’re working off your baby weight or are perfectly content with your body, you need a pair of hot mamma jeans. When you find that perfect pair of jeans, you feel great because you know you look great. Plus, you’re able to slip on a variety of tops and shoes to transition smoothly from day to night.

It might be tempting to buy a bunch of cheap pairs of jeans, but make sure you get the right cut and fit for your body type. Consider investing in at least one higher quality pair so that you know your purchase will last longer than three wash cycles. If you can’t find a pair that fits perfectly, match your figure as closely as possible and take the jeans to a tailor to get them hemmed or altered.

Traditional T-Shirts

You don’t have to wear the latest trends to look chic every day. Most of the time, all it takes is a good pair of jeans and a form-fitting t-shirt to look good. Shirts that are simple, basic, and neutral are your best friends. Grab a couple of white, black, gray, and navy blue shirts with various neckline styles such as crew, V, and scoop. T-shirts are durable enough to endure juice spills and dirty hands, and they’re cheap enough to get replaced when stubborn stains prevail.

Simple Scarves

Scarves are the perfect accessory. They add color, style, and completeness to basic outfits. Large, cozy scarves are perfect for chilly winter days, while lighter fabrics provide that extra special something to spring and summer garb. If your body is still operating as a food machine, scarves are great cover-ups while breastfeeding.

The key to wearing scarves fashionably is learning how to wrap them. There are all sorts of ways to tie and braid scarves based on their thickness, design, and purpose. If you can’t be bothered with learning a bunch of different knots and wraps, learn one or two basic techniques and stick with those.

Purposeful Purses

Handbags are not only fashionable, but they’re a huge help when carting around babies and toddlers. Why settle for boring old diaper bags with kid-friendly designs all over them? Instead, reach for a large tote with multiple compartments where you can store all your kid’s essentials in addition to your personal items. Totes double as professional bags, too. So, if you need to transition from manager to mommy at various times during the day, find a design that matches both your professional and personal style.

Signature Shoes

A wardrobe is not complete without a proper collection of shoes. However, gone are the days when fashion mattered more than comfort. The last thing you want after a long day of chasing after little ones is swollen tootsies and blisters. Instead, it’s important to find a couple of pairs of footwear that feel great and match a variety of outfits.

Your best bet is a pair of comfy suede ankle boots in a neutral color like black, brown or nude. Ankle boots go with jeans, cropped pants, dresses and skirts. They’re great for casual wear, running errands or meeting up with other moms for lunch. Though they keep feet warm in the cooler months, you can still wear them in the summer with a sundress or skirt.

Quality Clothing is a Good Investment

Long-term, investing in less pieces that are timeless and durable will serve you better than buying copious amounts of clothing that is trendy but cheap. As long as you keep your selections versatile, you’ll spend more money up front, but save more over the long haul.


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