How to Clean a Glass Shower Door

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I used to live in an apartment in the city. When we moved in, we negotiated the monthly rent down, and felt good about the location and space we had for the price.

When we first moved there, I was really excited about one apparent luxury: The shower door.  

It was frosted glass.  There was a fern-like pattern etched into it, and it was gorgeous. We weren’t going to have to worry about a curtain dragging on the bathroom floor. In fact, we didn’t have to buy a curtain at all.

Shower curtains need washed, too, and I figured cleaning a glass door would be easier.

I was wrong.

Cleaning soap scum off a shower door is gross.

The shower door became the bane of my existence. I couldn’t get soap scum off the etched glass.

The door frame collected water and grime. If I wasn’t vigilant, it became a breeding ground for mold, though I never let it get that bad.

Dryer sheets are the best solution for cleaning a glass shower door.

Suavitel field flowers scented dryer sheets

I tried all types of thing to get that door clean without scrubbing so hard as to break the glass. I tried your basic 409.

Hot vinegar in a spray bottle.

Vinegar in a spray bottle sprayed onto carefully pre-applied baking soda.

Sponges crumbled under this mess’s power.

No combination of store-bought or homemade cleaning projects was doing the trick. Until — after hours of exhaustive research — someone suggested I try a dryer sheet.

I had no idea if it would work. But it was something I hadn’t tried.

When I pressed that blessed sheet against the glass, it pulled the soap residue right off. I didn’t have to apply a ridiculous amount of pressure. I didn’t have to bust out any chemicals.

It even soaked up the nasty stuff that would accumulate at the bottom of the door frame.

I had scented dryer sheets on hand. Not only was the shower door clean:

My bathroom smelled heavenly.

Get Supplies to Clean Your Glass Shower Door

You can get some of my favorite, affordable heavenly-smelling laundry sheets. Or pick your own scent. They’re on sale as of this writing!

They’re also super convenient. And got that soap residue off the door with minimal effort when everything else I tried failed.

7 thoughts on “How to Clean a Glass Shower Door

  1. Alex M

    The dryer sheet thing works. We use it to wipe down the shower/tub surround in our RV. RV walls can collect moisture, so every few weeks I wipe my entire bathroom down with a dryer sheet. It’s a small bathroom! Same thing for the interior windows.

  2. Kris

    I cannot wait to try this tomorrow morning! I absolutely hate my shower door and the soap scum that resides there. You’ve made my life infinitely better by providing this tip. Thank you!!!

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