Why (Your Kids) + (The Library) = Best Friends

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Are you paying to have your kids attend social groups, cultural events, or supplemental educational courses? Check out your library. It could save you oodles with any of these events for free.

Libraries are amazing resources.  Yes, you can rent books and movies and music.  Though many people never do.  But there’s so much more your library can offer you.  If I weren’t a patron, I never would have found out about Pittsburgh’s RADical Days.  Some of my family members would have gone years without internet access if it weren’t for their local library.  And then there’s all the amazing programs they offer, specifically for kids.

Just in the next week, these are all the programs the Carnegie Library system is offering:

  • Terrific Tales for Toddlers
  • Pre-K Story Time
  • Family Story Time
  • Jazz for Tots
  • Celebrate:  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!
  • Saturday Stories and Crafts
  • Tomodachi Festival (Friends Festival):  A Celebration of Japanese Culture
  • Baby and Me
  • Family Study Buddies:  Homework Club
  • Story Time at West End
  • Digital Discovery Room
  • Fusion
  • Learn Sign Language
  • Kids Create:  After School Craft Club
  • Food Facts and Fun
  • Super Science @ Your Library:  Wet & Wild
  • Game-O-Rama:  Family Game Night
  • What’s the BIG Idea?  Math and Science for Preschoolers
  • School-Age Fun:  After School Recess
  • After School Art Club
  • School-Age Fun:  Friday Fun Days
  • Tail-Waggin’ Tutors:  Children Reading to Dogs
Did I mention this is just in the next week?  A bunch of free programs teaching your kids not only literacy and a love for reading, but whole bunch of other skill sets:  socialization, math, science, music, art, help with homework, building family ties, computers, foreign languages (yes, American Sign Language is a foreign language,) foreign cultures, history, and just plain running around and having fun.  For free.

That’s insane to me.  Libraries are such a great community resource.  It would be foolish to not utilize them to their fullest potential.  There’s also a ton of programs for adults; from book clubs to crafts to reentering the workforce, there’s bound to be something that fits your interests or a horizon that you’d like to broaden.  I promise you your local library runs some sort of programs that match you or your families needs or interests, too.  It’s not limited to the Carnegie Library system.

To find more details on the programs above, click here.

To look at all programs the CLP offers, click here.

To find even more programs for grown-ups, click here.
What have you done at your local library?

7 thoughts on “Why (Your Kids) + (The Library) = Best Friends

    1. femmefrugality

      Haha that’s the way it seems to go. At that age I feel like it’s more for the socialization/showing parents fun things they can do more of at home. It’s awesome, though. Definitely would do yoga if it were offered!

  1. Katie

    At Christmas time our library had a program where kids could earn money for every book they checked out and read during the month. Then right before Christmas they got to use the money the earned to buy presents for their family. It was a great program. I *love* the library.

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