How to get Holi & Where to Buy Holi Chalk

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This past weekend some friends and I went to an event sponsored by one of the clubs at our school through student life.  I’ve talked about the cheap-o ski trip my student life office offered.  And now I’m going to talk about this one.  This one was free and a ton of fun.  If you don’t already know what’s available through your student life office, I seriously suggest you go check it out.

We went to a Holi celebration at our local Hindu temple.  What is Holi?  From what I learned, it’s a multi-meaning holiday.  It’s there to celebrate the coming of spring, the battle between good and evil, and COLORS!  Participants smear and throw colored chalk on each other.  Here’s some things I learned about the colors themselves:

  • People were very generous sharing theirs with us, but if I went again, I think I’d bring some of my own.
  • When putting colored on a person, you’re trying to cover an area that is not already colored.  Especially on the face.
  • It’s traditional to wear all white to the event, but not at all necessary.  We got many comments, “Oh, that’s perfect for Holi!” from a bunch of the temple’s regular patrons dressed in jeans and normal t-shirts.  I guess I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed!
  • The chalk washes out of hair and skin really easily. 😉
Have you ever been to a Holi celebration?  What other events have you been to through your Student Life Office?


I’ve been getting a lot of  inquiries about two specific Holi related issues.  Here are my answers:

1.  Where can I buy Holi chalk?

Knowing where to buy Holi chalk depends on your locale.  But I found some online at Amazon.  Just click on the below picture and it will take you right there.

2.  How do I wash Holi chalk out of my hair?

I had an easy time of it.  First, I shook it all out and wiped down my face and skin with a dry cloth. This is important.  If you get it wet before getting out all the excess, it will turn to dye.  Especially bad for blondes.  So get it out when you’re still dry, then shower like normal.  (As long as normal includes shampooing your hair and washing your body with soap.)


8 thoughts on “How to get Holi & Where to Buy Holi Chalk

  1. Christa

    This is so cool. I first learned about this from the movie “Outsourced”, and it looked like a lot of fun. Glad you got to experience it!

  2. Julia @ juliecache

    I saw holi on the amazing race (i think). i am totally checking out holi with the nearby temple. i don’t know why i didn’t think to ask about it earlier. sort sounds like the “color run.”

    1. femmefrugality

      I think sometimes we are afraid to intrude or that we will not be welcome at cultural events like this one. So we know it goes on…but never think to look into it because we feel like it’s not ours. Which it’s not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience it. The people at the temple I went to were very friendly and welcoming. The only thing I would advise is to bring a donation. They may not require it or even request it, but if they do, I wouldn’t want to be “that guy.” I’d say $10 is a sufficient “just in case” number.

  3. More Than Mommies

    That sounds AMAZING! I have to admit that my first thought was “what a mess” but sometimes the best things in life are a little messy! 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up to The BEST Day EVER (…this week)! Look forward to hearing about your best day next week, too!!!

    1. femmefrugality

      It WAS a mess. But everything cleaned up surprisingly easily. I have to wonder if it was because of the type of chalk used. So fun.

      No problem. Thanks to you guys for hosting…looks like it’s starting to pick up some real steam!


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