Seven Springs Discounts: How to Make Them Apply to Your Local Resort

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1.  Find a ski group in your area.

I googled “Ski Club Pittsburgh.”  A bunch of things came up.  Some organizations you had to join and commit to a bunch of trips to get discounted lift tickets.  But then I found Like2Ski.  I got in touch with the woman in charge, and she let me know that the group has Sunday Twilight session lift tickets and rentals for anyone who wants to go.  If you’d like to get on their e-mail blast, contact me at femmefrugality at gmail dot com and I’ll get you the info you need.  So, if you’re not in Pittsburgh, google “ski club [your city here.]”  Let us know what you find!
Sunday Twilight Prices
Lift Ticket
Regular:  $65  Like2Ski:  $35
Ski Rental
Regular:  $39  Like2Ski:  $20
Board Rental
Regular:  $41  Like2Ski:  $30
Group Lessons
Regular:  $22-33  Like2Ski:  $15

2.  Check with your Student Life office.

If there’s a ski resort nearby, odds are your school either has a ski/board club or is organizing a school trip.  CCAC Main Campus has two trips every year.  The fall semester trip is December 20.  The $20 fee gets you a lift ticket for the night session, a ski or board rental, and the bus trip up there. Twenty dollars?  Seriously.  To go, contact the student life office.  If you’re not a CCAC student, contact your own student life office to see what they may offer you.

3.  Check their website for special deals.

At Seven Springs, you can do this in two places.  This year they have daily deals.  It works a lot like groupon.  Buy it now for 50% off,  use it later.  (Although later could be later this afternoon.)  The other place you can check is under their special offers.

So poke around your own resort’s webpage.  You may be surprised at what you find.

26 thoughts on “Seven Springs Discounts: How to Make Them Apply to Your Local Resort

  1. Niki

    Nice tip. I really liked Seven Springs I had a really good time there, but we didn’t get to go skiing as planned since there was no snow.

  2. juliecache = Julia + geocaching

    Great advice, even for “flat” Iowa. We have four skiing establishments within driving distance from our house. OK, one is more than two hours away, but it’s still driveable. Thank you for joining our linky this week!

  3. femmefrugality

    Cross country skiing can be fun, too! But since we have hills out here I’d rather do the easier of the two :p
    I’m glad the tips are helping and that you all share my love of vintage posters!
    And Julie…that’s so neat. Like I said, I’m so glad someone’s encouraging young people to be involved in family history. If they don’t, there won’t be anyone to pass it down. Thanks for the update and to all for stopping by!

  4. Lindy Mint

    Back when I went to college in a mountain town, the ski resort gave you a free lift ticket on your birthday.

    I’ve always been a fan of snowshoeing. Maybe it’s not as thrilling, but it’s cheap and peaceful.


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