Pay Your Science Center Admission with Snow

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So cool! If you save a snowball until the summer solstice, you can actually use it to pay for admission at the Science Center in June!

For the past several years, the Carnegie Science Center has been hosting this fun event on the summer solstice. On the solstice, you can pay for your admission—in snow!

How to Pay for Your Science Center Admission with Snow

If you bring in a snowball on June 21, 2018, you get to name your own admission. This is a big deal as kids’ tickets are usually $11.95 and adults get in for $19.95. When you’re taking the whole family, those admission prices can really add up.

NOTE: If anyone in your household has an ACCESS card, whether it’s for Medicaid or SNAP benefits or cash benefits, you can get up to four tickets for just $3 each. This discount is available everyday of the year–not just on June 21st! You can check out other regularly occurring discounts here.

Prepping for Name-Your-Own-Price Day

If you’d like to take the family to the Science Center in June for cheap, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Clear out room in your freezer to store the snowball.
  • Make a snowball.  Don’t make it silly big.  Remember you need to store it for at least four months.
  • Put it in your freezer until June.
  • Bring it to the Science Center on June 21, 2018. Be sure to prep a cooler so your snowball doesn’t melt on your way in!
  • Bring at least a tiny bit of money to pay for your admission. I don’t know that this is a requirement, but it is good form.
  • Have a fun day at the Science Center!  You’ll get to use a giant slingshot to propel your snowballs into the Ohio River.

Learn More About the Event and Snow in General

What’s the best name-your-own-price promotion you’ve ever seen? Have you ever used snow as currency? Inquiring minds want to know! Leave your story in the comments.


14 thoughts on “Pay Your Science Center Admission with Snow

  1. Jennifer Willard

    Ooh I would do this! It’d be neat if they incorporated the snowballs into some science activity when you arrive 🙂

  2. Done by Forty

    For extra fun, put a few dollars and some change in the middle of the snowball. Then your donation and the snowball come in one convenient package. The cashier will think it’s a hoot!


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