The Ultimate Guide to Become A Successful Webinar Coach

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During the coronavirus pandemic, some industries were hit hard. Lockdown forced us to stay at home, give up going to restaurants, cinemas, travel abroad, and many other things we once took for granted. People have found various ways to make money online, organize a remote office, and do business in a new format.

Some have preferred to get a new profession and learn something new, while others have decided to become webinar coaches — teaching and sharing their knowledge and experience with the world.

A webinar is a modern format for holding conferences, presentations, meetings, lectures, master classes, and other online events.

It’s an interactive seminar organized using web technologies and communication means, which allow the host to conduct the event at the highest level in close interaction with the audience on the selected video hosting platform.

At the appointed time, the host of the webinar and participants follow the link to a specially organized web room. With the help of webinar software such as Demio, participants can listen to the lecturer, ask questions and receive advice without leaving the workplace or being on a business trip or at home. The presenter, in turn, no longer needs to rent premises, organize coffee breaks, and spend time on the road. You can host an online webinar in a few clicks! In simple terms, it’s the choice of those who understand the value of time.

This article will show you how to become a webinar coach, sell webinars, make money online, and create your personal brand.

Your Webinar Platform

There are numerous webinar software and services for online conferences. There are free webinar software options and those for which developers charge a fee. It all depends on your specific goals and audience size. When choosing webinar software, we recommend considering the following points:

  • Price — how much will it cost to have a webinar platform for a month?
  • A number of speakers — how many hosts can simultaneously work?
  • A number of participants — how many people can participate in the webinar?
  • Content sharing — whether it’s possible to demonstrate a presentation, screen, or video.
  • Tests and polls — a feature to create a poll or run a test.
  • Webinar recording — considering format and the possibility to download the recording. You may need to use a third-party free screen recorder with no watermark.
  • Statistics —  how many people came to the webinar, what they wrote to the chat and how long they listened to the speaker.
  • Mailings — to remind participants about the webinar by email.
  • Technical support — how quickly the company answers technical questions.
  • Branding — is it possible to customize the design of the webinar room: add a logo, change colors and font?

Your Webinar Format

To become a successful webinar coach, you need to decide on a webinar format.

The classic webinar format assumes that you host the entire webinar, using a presentation to demonstrate information. The rest of the participants have access only to the text chat, where they communicate with each other and ask questions to the speaker.

The next format implies the ability to accept the role of moderator for any of the participants. That is, it becomes possible to ask a question by voice, show something on a virtual board, or share an experience.

The third type is online conferences. All participants in such events are initially on an equal footing and have the same opportunities and rights, being the moderators of the meeting. This equal footing might be designated to specific ‘rooms,’ with the virtual main hall being dedicated to a traditional presentation format.

Your Webinar Topic

Among all the ways of making money, webinars are especially popular. People are ready to pay money to find answers to their questions.

A trendy webinar topic is one of the secrets of its success. For example, you could choose the following:

  • Starting Your Own Business — practical tips from your own experience;
  • Personal finance — how to make money and how to manage it effectively;
  • Self-development — new knowledge and increasing efficiency;
  • Solving other personal issues — how to improve your health, how to become a successful female business owner, how to strengthen a marriage, and so on.

Your Webinar Presentation

Anything you tell to your audience should stand out and keep their attention. Most of the presentations on the Internet are so dull that listeners immediately want to leave the webinar room so as not to waste their time.

A webinar presentation is a way for sharing ideas, not words. Therefore, place one thesis on the slide, even if you have several dozen slides. It will give dynamics and keep the attention of the participants.

It’s also worth paying attention to the design of your content. Use a single style, no more than 2-3 fonts, write correctly and concisely. It’s best to use presentation templates.

Your Target Audience Attraction and Web Promotion

To be successful in hosting webinars and make money online, you need to attract as many participants as possible — your target audience.

Let’s say you have prepared an awesome webinar with unique content and well-designed presentations. But the coolest webinar won’t surprise the audience if these very listeners are not at the event.

Therefore, the stage of web promotion is as important as the stage of its creation and preparation. You should convince your audience that the upcoming event is what they really need and want. While web events are usually free and easy to join, building an audience and web promotion can be a long process.

Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook provide an easy and budget way to advertise the upcoming event and sell your webinar. Also, don’t forget to post an announcement on your website. It can be a banner ad or a simple link to a landing page, a brief description of the event, or a short promotional video created with a video editor by Adobe.

Let’s Summarize

Webinars are a popular tool for promoting an expert and making money online. It’s a chance for people to get to know you better, ask questions, and see you at work. Many of the participants can become your clients, partners, and students.

To sell a webinar and become a successful webinar coach, you need to create a catchy title, decide on the topic and format, prepare a thesis, brief description, and presentation. Choose a date and time. Decide on the webinar software. Don’t forget to attract your target audience for the webinar and indicate the duration.

After that, you can proceed to the most interesting part – inviting people to a webinar and web promotion. While the campaign is in progress, you will have time to prepare for this online event.

We wish you all the best in becoming a successful webinar coach and making money online!


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