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I love easy savings.  Since I discovered Snap Appy that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  Take pictures of Old Navy logos (I just do a google image search) and win prizes.  Most of them are pretty dumb.  Matching and sliding games.  Fake fashion history facts.  But sometimes your prize will be a deal.  And those make it totally worth it.  So far I’ve gotten $15 off when you spend $75, $5 off when you spend $25, and $5 off period, no spending minimum.  I haven’t even been using the app for more than a week.

Only Use These Deals if One of These Conditions is Met

There’s a reason Old Navy launched something like this.  If you score a deal, they get you in their shop and spending money.  Suddenly, you’re spending $50 on a sweater you never would have known existed otherwise, and all because you’re getting $5 off.

Don’t do that.  It’s not frugal.  Instead make the app and savings work for you.  Only use your deals if one of these two conditions is met:

1.  You were going to spend the money anyways.  If you were planning on doing a seasonal wardrobe update, you were going to spend the money anyways.  If you needed a new coat, you were going to spend the money anyways.  You were going to spend $75, but now you have $15 off.  That’s kind of amazing.

2.  You don’t spend more than the coupon entitles you to.  I kind of got suckered into this a bit.  I bought $7 worth of merchandise with my $5 coupon.  I should have stayed under $5, even if that meant only spending $4.  Because now Old Navy has two of my hard-earned dollars that they wouldn’t have otherwise had.  It’s really not that big of a deal in the grand scope of things, but I’m still disappointed in myself based on principal.

To maximize how much you can get for $5, check out the clearance rack.  There’s some amazing stuff in there marked way, way down simply because it’s so last season.  If you’re anything like me, you don’t notice/don’t care.  (I’m talking one season old, not vintage leg warmers from your mom’s closet.  I don’t care if they’re coming back; I’ll always think the 80s were bad for fashion.)

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  1. Christa

    I do this too, but I didn’t know about the Old Navy app. I’ll have to check this out. But if I receive a merchandise voucher from a store for $10 off anything in the store, I’ll buy a $10 item.


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