Build Savings Effortlessly with These Three Apps

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Trying to build savings for vacation next summer---this is definitely going to help!

There’s a major difference between saving money and building savings. Saving money looks something like this:


While building savings means deliberately allocating that $140 you just saved towards your emergency fund, retirement account or other savings goals.

A lot of us are really good at the former, but fall short on the latter. We may be awesome with scissors and a Sunday paper, but we fail to build a nest egg, sufficiently fund our emergency fund or struggle to get together enough cash to avoid putting vacation on a credit card.

Automating is a good way to build savings, but can get difficult if you have a variable income, or if you lack the self-discipline to just set the freaking thing up.

Luckily for us, we live in an age of technology, and many app developers have worked to make some of that technology beneficial for those who are struggling to build savings. Here are some my favorites. Scroll through the list and find the one that’s right for you:

Three Apps that Help Build Savings

1. Digit

Courtesy of Hello Digit, Inc.

Courtesy of Hello Digit, Inc.

Digit is a really simple, free app that slides money over from your checking account into your Digit FDIC-insured bank account. To do so, they use an algorithm that determines how much money you won’t even miss, and then transfer that amount into savings. They’re so confident in their algorithm that if your account ever overdraws, they’ll refund you all fees.

This one is cool because it allows you to build savings without thinking about it. Not even a little bit. More about Digit.

2. Dobot


Dobot is a lot like Digit. It’s free. It automatically transfers money into your savings. It’s FDIC-insured.

What makes it different is the ability to set concrete goals. Let’s say you’re saving for a vacation. You can upload an image of your destination, which is a great way to remind yourself why it’s so important to save this money. You can also enter an end date, which allows Dobot to help you figure out how much you have to save over time.

They’ll send you reminders via text or email so you can move the money into savings yourself, but just like Digit, they’ll also analyze your spending patterns to move small amounts of money you won’t notice towards your goal. (The latter is a feature you can turn on or off.)

On top of it all, Dobot gives you $5 towards your goal just for getting started. Pretty rad.

3. Simple

This is awesome. The app splits up your money for you event hough it's all in one account!

Simple is undergoing some updates—they’ll be back soon!


Which app best suits your savings needs? Would love to hear your answer in the comments!



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9 thoughts on “Build Savings Effortlessly with These Three Apps

  1. Linda @ Brooklyn Bread

    I’ve always wished I could do this with my own savings account. Chase is the worst – it doesn’t offer any of these great automatic savings tricks that some banks offer. I’m just not sure I can handle another account to keep track of!

  2. Mustard Seed Money

    I’ve heard a ton of awesome things about Digit. I was planning on taking the time to learn more about it this weekend. But I will also need to take a look at Dobot and Simple. These look very interesting and I’ll definitely be checking the out. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. MoneyAhoy

    I think these simple and free apps are going to really help out folks that are struggling to get off on the right foot with savings and personal finance. I really wish they had something like this 10 or 20 years ago!


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