Saving Time and Money as a Mom: A Guest Post

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Remember last week when I had that guest post on Mom of the Year?  Well, today I’m so excited that Meredith has written a guest post for us!  Follow along as she takes us through her top ten list of things that have saved her time and money (and probably a little bit of sanity, too!) as a mom.  Be sure to visit her blog.  She’s hilarious and will make you realize that you’re not alone on that crazy journey called parenthood.

So no cool paid endorsements or anything coming through, this is just a list of stuff that’s really worked well for me and my family.  Most of these things have not only been helpful, but have saved us time and/or money as well, so they are definite favorites…

1.  Booginhead PaciGrip Pacifier Holders and SippiGrips Shortly after my son was born and I was losing my mind diving under tables and lamely trying to sanitize pacifiers on-the-go, it occurred to me there had to be a better way.  Behold these awesome pacifier clips (the sippy cup holders work really well too!).  These save money b/c we stopped losing a pacifier every two seconds and also definitely helped save my sanity too!

2. Old, crappy secondhand play clothes.  Why, oh why, dress your kids up for every day play?  Sure, they look cute in the fancy stuff, but this works so much better for us.  As in, when my son draws all over his pants with marker b/c his stellar mommy is not paying attention to him…who cares?  And my daughter can actually crawl around without tripping over her dress skirts and the like.  Bring on the junk, I say.

3. A play kitchen.  We have the older Melissa and Doug version (bought off Craig’s list), but I don’t think it really matters which one you get.  Both of my children play with this endlessly.  Hands-down it is the first toy kids run to when they come over for play groups.  As far as I’ve seen, it draws the attention of kids from ages 6 mo. to 6 yrs.  Better to buy one amazing toy that gets played with endlessly than a bunch of other ones that don’t hold interest for more than a couple seconds.

4. KidCo Bath Storage Basket  Ugh, all those cute ones you suction to the wall just kept falling off time and again.  Plus, a lot of times, the toys and mesh fabric would start to get moldy.  This one has lasted us for 3 yrs. and still going strong…

5. The Entertainment Book/Kidstuff Book/whatever you have in your area.  By sinking $35 down every fall, we score fantastic deals all year long that more than make up for the initial cost.

6. An indoor play tent.  You can get these on sale for $15 or less.  And similarly to the play kitchen, you get tons of mileage out of this toy.  Go even cheaper and throw a sheet over your dining table–same concept and kids just love, love it.  I’m not sure what the fascination with crawling into a small space is, but it exists 🙂

7. A double stroller.  Everyone seems to have a favorite design.  I currently waver between the Joovy Sit-n-Stand and my regular old side-by-side, but whatever you use, they are awesome.  Even if you are scoring one of those blissful days when one child is walking peacefully beside the stroller, you can use the extra space to stash you junk–diaper bag, shopping bads, etc.  Again, you don’t have to sink a ton into this–we got our Joovy at a yard sale 2 yrs. ago for $15 and have loved it ever since…

8. The No Spill Bubble Bucket.  No more endlessly buying bubbles–they actually don’t spill out of this magic bucket.  This is a time save too–I’m sure many of you know how repetitively tiring it is to try and scrub slick bubble mixture off a garage floor!  Argh!

9. A hairclipper set.  My daughter still doesn’t yet have enough hair for me to cut it yet, so I’m not sure how it will work with girls.  But if I (again, I am hopelessly not-crafty nor am I good at any DIY stuff) can figure out how cut my husband’s and son’s hair, anyone can do it, trust me.  The cost savings is incredible and adds up after the first 2 or 3 home cuts…

10. US Weekly Not entirely sure how this saves us time or money (Though I did score an entire year for $20 with a Groupon and a coupon!), but it definitely saves Mommy’s sanity, so it definitely ranks up there for me with the best baby/toddler products 😉

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15 thoughts on “Saving Time and Money as a Mom: A Guest Post

    1. Meredith

      I agree, Daisy! I think it’s nice to get gift for when they are past that baby-baby stage too b/c that’s when you really need some things. Like Brynne said, you can only use so many onesies and they only serve a purpose for so long!

  1. Modest Money

    I don’t have kids yet, but I’d definitely be looking for ways to save money. They seem to be a huge expense if you’re not careful. One other tip might be to stay close friends with well off people who love to spoil your kids haha. When I was a kid I know my mom relied on a lot of this stuff. I recall some good entertainment out of a big cardboard box or a fort made out of sheets and couch cushions.

  2. Michelle

    I giggled aloud at the second tip because my 10.5 month old is already walking, but she had to figure out how to crawl on her feet instead of her knees when mommy put her in a mean dress!! She kept tripping, so being the critical thinker that she is (She gets it naturally, I’m sure!), she started lifting herself up, and that’s possibly why she started walking so early. I do miss the adorable crawling stage. Maybe I’ll start putting her in shoes now so she’ll go back to crawling! I’m so mean! Mwahaha! ;))
    Great tips, fellow mama!

    1. Meredith

      My daughter did this too in her Easter dress! I am so mean b/c I thought it was pretty so I made her stay in it and refused to take it off! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    I can relate to the pacifier pickings! Not only does it require exercise to pick it up when it drops or treasure hunt the house for it, too many falls on the floor have caused them to crack at the base!


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