How to Involve Children in Couponing

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I know once my kids started getting mobile, my couponing slowed down a lot. I just didn’t have time for it anymore, and when I did, I was also trying to simultaneously supervise my offspring. It was a mess. For all the mamas out there, today we have Jillian Ibelli with her top five tips to involve children in the couponing process!Wow, these are actually really cool ways to keep your children engaged while couponing.

An avid couponer will tell you that searching for good deals and clipping and sorting coupons takes time. When you have a young family, spending quality time with your children is the number one goal. Read below to learn easy ways on how to combine the two; making couponing fun for your children, while at the same time, teaching them money saving skills and spending quality time together.

Sorting and Matching Game

Give your child a stack of coupons and ask them to match the like coupons together and place the same ones in a pile. Teaching young children how to match and classify the same items helps develop early math skills. Once the coupons have been sorted into piles, talk with your child about how one pile differs from the next, noting all of the similarities and differences.

Play Cashier

Couponing teaches children about money values. Buy your child a toy cash register, fill it with various coins/dollars (plastic coins may be easier for little hands to grasp) and present them with a coupon. Have them identify the amount on the coupon and ask them to give you that specified amount from their cash register. Actual coupons are not necessary in this game, you can easily create your own, which is fun too!

Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

All children love picking out their own items at the supermarket! Send them on their own supermarket scavenger hunt. Searching for specific items keeps children engaged, so they do not become bored while you shop. Give them their own list of products to search for, as well as the amount (ie. 6 boxes of cereal). If they are too young to read, give them pictures of the products and let them match the picture to the item on the shelf.  Some supermarkets even have child sized shopping carts which makes it extra fun!

Cut it out!

Scissors are a couponer’s most coveted tool and it just so happens that many children love to use scissors! Scissors teach young children hand/eye coordination, improve fine motor skills and strengthen hand muscles. These skills aid children in developing the proper pencil grasp attributed to good handwriting. If you are nervous about your child possibly butchering a good deal, let them practice their scissor skills on coupons you are not planning to use or are expired.

Easy Organization

Developing good organizational skills is key for success in school, as well as in life. Have your child decorate their own small coupon binder and show them how to organize the binder. Let them choose which coupons they would like to clip. This is also fun to do during the holidays or for their birthday; have your child cut out photos of toys or games that they are wishing for and have them organize the items by category, whether it be price, brand or theme etc.


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