How to Re and Upcycle Your Wedding

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I’m not one of those girls that has no plans on getting married any time soon, but still has a pinterest board full of creative, fun ideas for the big day.  To all of you who do, I get it.  What girl doesn’t dream of her wedding day?    And I’m glad you do, because if there weren’t people out there who did it, I wouldn’t have today’s post.

A friend of mine pinned Ruffled’s online recycled wedding marketplace, and I can’t get over what an awesome idea it is.  There’s been tons of buzz recently about how an average wedding costs $27,000+ and how crazy that is.  Well, here’s a great way to save…or help pay it off!

Recent brides can sell their decorations, dresses, WHATEVER at the marketplace.  Great way to make a few bucks.  You’re most likely never going to use any of that stuff ever again, so why not?

Brides-to-be can buy decorations, dresses, WHATEVER at the marketplace.  These items have most likely only been used for ONE DAY.  And their price has gone down dramatically because of that one use.  Are you kidding me?  Get on it.

I have a super amazing friend who is getting married tomorrow.  I’m really bummed that I can’t make it out to her wedding. Bummed is a major understatement.  She wrote a few blog entries about preparing for the big day on a tight budget.  There’s some great info in there if you’d like to take a look:  From Ms. to Mrs. for Less.

14 thoughts on “How to Re and Upcycle Your Wedding

  1. AverageJoe

    On that note, I recently found (not for weddings, probably, unless you’re a guest) Rent the Runway. It’s a well executed idea: rent a designer gown. They send out three sizes so you can make sure it fits. Why buy? Now, why I know this info is beyond me…..

  2. Michelle

    I think upcycling is the coolest thing ever! I’ve seen some very creative people do amazing things with items that would have otherwise been tossed away. I’m heading over to check out your friends’ site! So sorry you can’t make it to the wedding. That’s such a bummer. I love going to weddings! I couldn’t make it to a friend’s wedding when she had it out-of-state and I still regret it. 🙁

  3. Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter

    This is a cool idea although I must admit I have not taken advantage of it. I actually don’t have much to sell. The only generic thing I have is my dress. Anything else like extra invitations are personalized so they can’t be sold. I will definitely keep this in mind to suggest to friends though.

  4. Tiffany @

    My husband and I were able to pay for our entire wedding using second-hand things and not going the traditional route. I bought our toasting glasses at Ross (which I then sold on Craigslist), bought my dress at a “regular” dress store (i.e. not a bridal store), skipped save the date and did regular invites that were simple yet cute online. Kept our colors simple (pale yellow) and stuck with a daisy theme, which are in season in spring/summer and were SUPER cheap to buy, but we did fake from Hobby Lobby for decor.

    So many people looked at us like we were weird for doing things the way we did, but at the end of the day, we were Mr. and Mrs. without owing a dime for the day.


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