Frugal Wedding Favors

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I went to a wedding this past spring that had an absolutely adorable favor.  Not to mention it was most likely cost-efficient for the couple.

In a tiny silk, mesh sac, there were wildflower seeds for guests to take home.  It makes me think of a really cheesy tagline—“Watch our love grow!”  They opted to not go the cheesy route and elegantly put their names and the date of their wedding on the tag.

I was so excited when my green sprigs started to pop up through the dirt.  “They’re growing like weeds!”  Guess what?  They were weeds.  Turns out most wildflower seed mixes contain grass and weed seeds mixed in.  This is no fault of the couple’s.  As you may remember, I have a notoriously black thumb.  All I can get to thrive, apparently, are weeds.

I think it’s a really cute favor idea, despite my lack of gardening skills.  Wildflowers are awesome, but you could really pick any flower seed you wanted.  Within your budget, of course.  Park Seed Co. has a decent collection.  Check it out by clicking their icon below.

19 thoughts on “Frugal Wedding Favors

  1. Mo Money Mo Houses

    Aww that is such a cute idea, I like it! Plus it’s more practical and unique then all those really kitschy favors like wine stoppers and two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers.

    1. femmefrugality

      I think I have a few candles from wedding’s I’ve went to before. The tall, skinny kinds. What to do with them? I have no idea. I loved the favors at this wedding.

  2. Anthony Thompson

    That’s interesting! I never knew that grass and weed seeds are mixed in most wildflower seed mixes. It must have been disappointing to discover that when you planted them. In any case, it was nice of the couple to give the guests packets to take home.

  3. Personally Find Nancys

    Oh wow! I really love this idea. I was never fond of wedding favors – they always seem so cheesy, no one wants a mini reminder of when you got married, so I always liked really practical favors.

  4. Meredith

    Nice! I am so sending this on to my friend who is really, really trying to save $ on her wedding. They did an all-in-one invite postcard and asked you to RSVP by e-mail–it worked!

  5. jean

    I think I have a black thumb, too!:) But I would say that applying the concept of frugality in one’s wedding supplies is practical yet a brilliant idea.:)Sunflower seeds are examples of cheap wedding favors to give to the wedding guests.

    1. femmefrugality

      Ooohhhh I love the sunflower idea! I actually got some of these weeds to bloom. Not redacting the fact that I have a black thumb, but I do need to do an update!

  6. MakintheBacon$

    One of my friends gave out little sapling trees as gift. Unfortunately I never got around to planting it, but I thought that was such an environmentally friendly and practical take home gift. Another wedding I went they gave out home made red pepper jelly in small jars.

    I’m going to suggest that seeds gift to my sister who’s getting married next year. 🙂


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