How to Combine Traveling and Earning Money

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woman overlooking the ocean on a hotel balcony.Many travelers prefer to keep earning money even while they are abroad. In fact, it’s a common way to fund travel these days. After all, most jobs require only a laptop and some professional skills to find jobs remotely.

So let’s see how you can earn money while traveling the world without sacrificing in either domain.

NOTE: We are still living in a pandemic. Make sure you are following strict public health measures and think about the effects your travels have on others before visiting another part of the globe.

Think semi-passive income

When planning a trip, it’s smart to have a plan in place so you won’t drain your savings account. One way to do that is the build up streams of semi-passive income, freeing up more of your time for travel adventures.

There are many way to build passive or semi-passive income. You could rent properties and hire a property management company to run the day-to-day. If you’re wanting to create income from short-term rentals, you could create an Airbnb account or choose other platforms.

You can also rent out your car or other possessions while you’re away.

Another way to build semi-passive revenue is to create a digital product. You can create courses, upload photos or art to selling platforms, etc.

Become a digital nomad

The life of a digital nomad is an exciting one. But it’s not always as glorious as many want to
imagine it.

Yes, you get to travel across the globe, leave whenever you want, and earn money on the go. But you still gotta do the work, focus on your career, fulfill your commitments, and meet deadlines.

Sometimes, doing all of this while adjusting to a new culture can be challenging. But if you’re interested in the life of a digital nomad, it’s likely a challenge you’re up for. Here are some of the most popular professions among digital nomads.


Copywriters or content writers are in high demand right now. Their job is to write all the content for websites, social media pages, emails, newsletters, and so on.

It’s a demanding yet rewarding job. A writer will have to meet strict deadlines, follow instructions, and constantly expand their knowledge base within their niche.

But it’s a job you can do remotely while traveling, which is a great advantage.

Graphic design

Graphic design is another in-demand profession these days. People need graphic designers for a variety of tasks. These specialists can help businesses create beautiful sites, create posters for shows or Insta pages, advertisements, or make business cards. Overall, you need a designer whenever you need something more than plain text on a blank piece of paper.

This job can take a little more equipment than what you’d need as a copywriter. At the very least, a designer needs a professional laptop and mouse. At max, one needs drawing tablets, an extra monitor, etc.

But with the right packing system, you can still travel and complete work for clients even with the extra equipment.


Programming is one of the most popular professions among digital nomads. It’s also among the most high-paid professions on the global job market at the moment. Of course, pay will depend on your skills and experience levels.

Many programmers choose to travel the world while working on projects. It’s a high-demand
job with a lot of pressure. Travel experiences can help people unwind and deal with work stressors. You will need to study for a while to gain the necessary expertise in this profession, though.

Academic writing

People with the right experience, skills, knowledge and degrees can lend their expertise to academic writing for various writing services. First, you’ll want to find a legit writing service, as many of them out there are scammy. You can find reviews of various writing services at and similar sites to learn more about which companies are worth working with.

Writing papers can come with highly flexible hours, nice pay, and interesting projects. If you miss using your academic mind but don’t necessarily want to engage with the bureaucracy of academia, it’s highly like you’ll enjoy a job like this that allows you to travel.

Of course, this work often comes with no guarantee of hours or salary. Urgent assignments might pop up, and you’ll have to adhere to strict instructions for each project. However, it’s still possible to match it with travel experiences. But it’s still a way to bring in extra money while you travel.

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