5 Business Ideas for Travelers

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Travel can lead to a memorable, adventurous life full of great events, activities, and acquaintances. But before you hop on a jet plane, you need to focus on the financial side to support your desired lifestyle.

Sure, travel can be cheap. In fact, you barely need much money to see the world.

But you need some financial stability to live comfortably, save, and take last-minute adventures. You need a solid business idea to support your dreams of traveling.

Fortunately, today people have plenty of options when it comes to remote jobs and international business activities. We have come up with five top business ideas that any traveler can try during their adventures. See what idea fits your life-work balance, skills, and travel ambitions.

NOTE: We are still living in a pandemic. Make sure you are following strict public health measures and think about the effects your travels have on others before visiting another part of the globe.

Event planner

Do you like to bring order to chaos? Do you have good organizational skills? Do you enjoy creating unforgettable experiences for absolute strangers?

Well, if the answers to these questions are “Yes!” then the travel event planning business may be just the thing for you.

This job is almost the same as any event planning gig. But this way, you help people organize their events abroad. You will help clients have their spectacular wedding days, flawless business weekends, or team-building weeks abroad. You get to deal with all the preparations, bookings, tickets, etc.

Moreover, a job requirement will be to those locations to make last-minute arrangements on the spot. Not a bad work ‘requirement’ to enjoy, is it?


A photography business is tightly interconnected with travel experiences. Many photographers start traveling to pursue their drive for unique photos. Capturing rare scenes and breath-taking portraits and landscapes is all they think about.

Building a business based on your passion for photography and travel seems like a logical next step. You can create a great portfolio as a travel photographer and get paid by periodicals, websites, or private clients to take pictures of certain places and events. You can also have your own shows and exhibitions to sell your photos to a larger audience.

Travel agency/consultant

An adventurous, active traveler can use their knowledge of the world and the travel industry to their advantage. Tap into all your experience to become a travel consultant or even start your own travel agency.

There are only a few simple requirements to run a business like that. First, you should make sure you know the laws and regulations of your home country about starting a travel agency or becoming a partner in one.

Next, you need good communication skills, travel experience, and the desire to help people have the best vacations of their lives. Traveling is a basic requirement when running such a business. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Graphic Design

There are a ton of different ways start and run your graphic design business. First, of course, you need to become an expert in the field yourself. On average, it will require at least one to two years to complete basic design courses and build enough skills and experience in the field.

But even during this training period, you can work with clients, expand your portfolio, and build your professional network.

Overall, a graphic designer needs their own website or strong profile on freelance platforms to start their business. The rest will depend on your abilities, client base, and ambition. But this type of business will definitely allow you to travel the world. You just need a good laptop and Internet connection to complete your work.


As long as we have different cultures and languages around the world, we will need professional interpreters.

You’ll need to build a client base, work long hours (sometimes fitting different time zones,) perfect your language skills in narrow topics, search for your niche, etc. But all your hard work can really pay off in the end.

You can stay home and work with local agencies as an interpreter, or you can build a business as a traveling interpreter. Then you can offer your services to people and companies that do business abroad. A lot of these setups allow you to travel at the employers’ expense, do your job, and see new places.

Alternatively, you can use your language skills to translate documents at your home office after you become a certified translator. The remote work means you can travel whenever you want.

Final considerations

Finding remote work that allows you to travel isn’t as difficult as it used to be. The true challenge here is to find the work you are skilled at doing and feel passionate about.

Choose an area where you find the most joy and fulfillment. You can try freelancing, programming, or even becoming one of those unemployed professors who write academic texts for students for a living. (Just make sure you don’t employ your skills at a shady site, like Unemployed Professors.)

Overall, it’s totally possible to build a business where you’re completely remote and on the road with working hours that don’t feel like a chore.

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