How to become a brand ambassador

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One thing I love about this blog is all the input I’ve been getting from readers and friends. Like it says in the about section, I am not a professional anything. I just have this ravenous obsession with putting/keeping as much money in my bank account as I can right now. And it’s not just me. You all have great ideas for doing the same things! So today’s blog is brought to you by a friend who will remain anonymous and tipped me off to a great way to make some extra side money: being a brand ambassador.

The great thing about this part-time job? You can write your own hours. After you’ve applied and registered with a company, they will send you notifications for jobs that you qualify for. Possible jobs include passing out food or beauty product samples at a grocery store, passing out information/samples at sporting events or concerts, bilingual jobs, or even turning your car into a mobile advertisement. Don’t like the hours or the content of a job you’ve been sent? You have total freedom to accept or reject it.Brand ambassadors work in the event marketing field at a grassroots position. Companies hire them to promote their products at special events and at everyday venues (such as your local grocery stores.) Some people take their ambassadorship to a full-time, professional level, but there are companies out there that hire people part-time.

When you work an event, most companies will require you to take photos and/or write a review of the event itself. The particular company my friend introduced me to pays anywhere between $10-15 an hour. Not bad if you have a day off. There are several of these companies out there, but the one I know to be reputable doesn’t like to be overwhelmed with applicants. So if you are seriously interested, leave me a message and we can find a way to get you more information! I know they operate in Pittsburgh, but they also do events in other places around the nation.

Thank you to all of you so much for your helpful tips and suggestions for living a frugal life! I look forward to learning even more from all of you!

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