How to Go Christmas Shopping For Free With Swagbucks

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christmas shopping for free

My love for Swagbucks goes way back to 2011.  Veteran readers will know that Swagbucks is a search engine that rewards you to search with them, amongst other things.  Do enough searches, you’ll get awarded with enough Swagbucks to buy gift cards galore, my favorite being to Amazon.  We’ve gotten lots of free stuff over the years and some people even use their Swagbucks earning to cross everyone off their Christmas list without spending a cent.  Glorious Christmas shopping for free.

If you want to join and start earning for the holidays, Femme Frugality and Swagbucks have teamed up to bring you a special offer.  Normally, you get 30 Swagbucks for signing up and completing your profile.  We’re making that even sweeter.  When you sign up through my affiliate link (it’s 100% free,) use the sign-up promo code femme70 to get an additional 70, for a grand total of 100 Swagbucks.  You’re pretty much 1/4 of the way to an Amazon giftcard, my friend.  And you haven’t even gotten started.

I was actually reading this interesting article on how to maximize your earnings, and they have stats that show that people who have the Swagbucks search engine as their default earn 3x more than the normal user.  So if you want to rack up some money before Christmas, that may be the best way.  Here’s the how-to:

Defaulting your Search Engine in Chrome

  1. Go to Settings on your Chrome browser (the 3 lines on the top right of the browser)
  2. Click on “Settings” from the dropdown list
  3. Click on “Manage Search Engines”
  4. Look for Swagbucks under “Other Search Engines”
  5. Click “Make Default”

Defaulting your Search Engine in Firefox

  1. Go to your browser search field, this can be found on the right of your address bar, and click the drop down menu and look for Swagbucks
  2. Click on Swagbucks

If you’ve never used the search engine before, it may not show up in drop down menus.  So if you run into that problem, just do a simple search with their search engine once, and then try again.

I can’t guarantee  I’ll be earning enough between now and Christmas to make it a free one (the husband has a pretty high budget goal this year,) but I know other people have, and I know that my earnings have the potential to make a serious dent.

Again, you can get that initial total of 100 Swagbucks by signing up here and using sign up code femme70.  The extra 70 Swagbucks is only good until November 7, so go get on that!

9 thoughts on “How to Go Christmas Shopping For Free With Swagbucks

  1. Emily @ Simple Cheap Mom

    Nice offer, I’m already on Swagbucks though. It’s a fun program and I’m alright with them seeing my searches and getting my information because usually companies just take it and I don’t get anything! You can get that first Amazon gift card without going too crazy, which is nice.

  2. femmefrugality Post author

    Yay for Swagbucks love! Yeah, Google probably knows all there is to know about me, so at least Swagbucks rewards us! Hope this finds some new users because you both ate right… I wish I had gotten those kinds of sign up rewards!

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      It’s super easy. You just do what you’re already doing with internet searches, but they reward you for it. Should totally give it a go! And good to see you back around!

  3. baileyp22

    I love Swagbucks and I have been using it since May and already have made close to $50 in amazon gift cards….how awesome is that?! And I am saving it for free Christmas shopping this year! I also thought about giving some family members some Amazon codes.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Save the shopping and just pass along the gift cards…I like it! Thanks for sharing your experience!!! It’s really awesome!


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