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Blue iphone case with grumpy bear on back. Sitting on an open book but it's not clear what the book is about.


I just got an iPhone. After having an Android for the past decade, let me tell you.

There is a big and immediately noticeable difference. I am super happy so far.

The reason I’ve put this upgrade off for so long is because the phone itself is so expensive. It wasn’t something I ever felt like I could justify in my budget.

I mean, I still can’t. But I was at a point where I had been wanting one for years — my Android’s screen had been shattered for almost three. Something had to give.

So I decided to take advantage of an almost-free phone discount with another cell carrier. I only sign up for carriers that don’t require me to sign a long-term contract. I prefer being month-to-month.

With these carriers, my monthly service bill tends to be lower. And all of them operate off of the cell towers of the larger, more expensive carriers, so I haven’t ever noticed a difference in coverage.

TLDR: I switched between cheap-y carriers and got a ridiculously good phone for a ridiculously cheap price. I’m thrilled.

One thing I forgot to account for, though?

An iPhone case.

Luckily, there are tons of options on one of my favorite marketplaces: Etsy.

I found a bunch of unique, clever, amazing cases. None of them are incredibly expensive. Win and win.

However, I found so many options I love, I need to ask you for a little help. Check out my iPhone case list and let me know which one you think I should get?

Grownup Options

First, we’ll look at the cases I love and should be considering because I’m an adult.

Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

3 iphones in simple black, white and blue cases with the word 'wild' etched at the bottom. Rocks and ferns are also in the background for decorationFrom: WildCaseUK
Price: $15.84

This is a phone case you can actually compost! It’s made from biodegradable bamboo straw and PBAT plastic. No plastics are used in the packaging materials, and 5%-10% of the profit of every purchase goes to The Ocean Cleanup Foundation.

Marbled iPhone Case

woman holding a pink, marbled iphone case with a vein of glitter. 3 iphones with similar patterned cases are lying on the table only the marble's primary clors are blue, purple and dark green respectively.From: moreglitters
Price: $17.86

I know it’s got glitter in it, but it still counts as grownup — right? I love all the colors this marble iPhone case comes in:

  • Dark green/white.
  • Purple/blue.
  • Blue/green.
  • Pink/purple.

Cherry Blossom iPhone Case

Black bar on the left reads "tough case". Remainder of image is white background with dark pink iphone case. Sakura cherry blossoms are painted on the case in white and pink on black branches.From: CASEbyStudioOne16
Price: $29.99

I’m a sucker for sakura. This is a dual-layer case, with an inner TPU liner and a polycarbonate outer shell.

Nerdy 90s Child iPhone Cases

And then there are the phone cases I’m actually considering. Some are pretty. Some are clever. Others just make my nerdy heart sing.

Dr. Who Tardis iPhone Case

iphone case that looks like the tardis from dr whoFrom: TheCustomCase
Price: $15.29+

See what I mean? You can get the Tardis iPhone Case in three different options:

  • Slimcase.
  • Slimcase + soft inner rubber lining.
  • Case with metal shell.

Wooden Millennium Falcon iPhone Case

wooden iphone case with millennium falcon from star wars etched on the backFrom: EtchCraft
Price: $18.00

It’s beautiful.

First you can pick the wood:

  • Black walnut.
  • Rosewood.
  • Cherry.

Then, you can personalize it should you so choose, with additional text or by changing where the design appears on your iPhone case.

3D Care Bears iPhone Case

5 different iphone cases with 3d care bears on the back. Patterns are top row: grumpy bear, funshine bear, cheer bear. bottom row: Love-a-lot bear and share bear.From: Celletechphones
Price: $17.00

There are so many choices with this one!

  • Grumpy Bear.
  • Funshine Bear.
  • Cheer Bear.
  • Love-A-Lot Bear.
  • Share Bear.

Wonder Woman iPhone Case

On the right, clear iphone case with faceless wonderwoman and paint splatters printed on back. On left, same case on a pink iphone.From: MegalarchikUA
Price: $7.99

This shop has a ton of cute options, from Wonder Woman to Snoopy, Disney to Pokemon. Cases are simple silicone.

Little Mermaid iPhone Case

blue and green iphone case with a white outline of a castle, ariel from the little mermaid and swirls of ocean waterFrom: KoKoLoveCo
Price: $15.80

This shop also sells silicone cases — primarily Disney-themed. I think this Ariel one is just so pretty.

Snow White iPhone Case

clear iphone case that makes it look like disney's snow white is holding the apple, enthralled in examining it.From: KoKoLoveCo
Price: $15.80

And this one’s just too dang clever. Incorporating the Apple like that.


What say you? Leave a comment with your favorite, or @ me on social!

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