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I love the Carnegie museums.  Well, almost all of them.  There’s the Museum of Natural History and Art, which usually offers free Thursday night admission in March.  We’ve killed many a rainy day there.  Then there’s the Science Center, which is my kids’ all-time fave.  (And, okay, as adults we still thoroughly enjoy the experience.)  Then there’s The Andy Warhol Museum.  Which I’m not as big of a fan of.  I know it’s still art, but I have a hard time “appreciating” a piece of copper that someone peed on.  But that’s just me.  It didn’t stop me from using my student discount to visit, though.

Right now they’re offering a discount for year-long memberships.  If you buy a dual membership, you save $10 off a $100 membership (making it $90.)  If you buy a family membership, you save $15 off a $150 membership (making it $135.)  And if you buy a premium membership, you save $25 off a $250 membership (making it $225.)

With the membership, not only do you get into the four Carnegie museums, but you can also go to any science center in the Association of Science Technology Centers in the country (there’s 300+.)  You get discounts on things like Omnimax theater movies.  Plus some other perks.  And with the latter two subscription options mentioned you get a $10 gift card to the gift shops.

But only if you buy before January 15, which is Wednesday.  Sorry for the short notice.  If you’re only planning on going to a museum once or twice this year, this is definitely not a good deal for you.  (Or if you treat it like your gym membership….your aspirations of attendance outweigh the reality.)  But if you (or you and your family) will get good use of it, it can be a good deal, and this would appear to be the best time to buy.  Here’s their page with all the details!


4 thoughts on “Discounted Carnegie Museums Membership

  1. donebyforty

    I’m sorry you didn’t like the Warhol museum. It’s my favorite in the city…I love how you go up to the top floor, and move down the floors, through his career (and those of his influencers, and those he was influenced by, over time). Either way though, the burgh is a treasure trove of great museums. The city over-delivers, based on its size, as usual.

    1. femmefrugality

      I’m definitely proud to be Andy Warhol’s home, I just have a hard time getting into art like that. It’s definitely set up beautifully and there were a few really cool exhibits (the balloon room?) But overall it’s just not my kind of art. Everyone has different tastes. 🙂

      It truly is amazing how much Pittsburgh offers.


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