A Cat’s Guide to Money

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Text reads" Who can say no to adorable kittens? Book review on Femmefrugality.com" Below that is a picture of a seafoam green book with illustrations of cats and money all over the front. The title is "A Cat's Guide to Money" author Lillian Karabaic

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to this great event in NYC. I’ll tell you a little more about it in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can follow along the photo journey.


The point is I that while I was there, I got to meet a lot of new friends for the first time. One of them was Lillian Karabaic.

Lillian is amazing. She hosts the Oh, My Dollar! Podcast, has traveled the world and seen far away places I’ve only dreamed of and wrote a book where cats teach you personal finance.

In fact, she releasing the second edition in the coming weeks.

It’s a book about cats and money.

You need a copy.

A Cat’s Guide to Money

Guys, this is likely the easiest and most engaging personal finance read I’ve ever held in my hands.

It breaks down the same complex topics as other personal finance books: money mindset, budgeting, investing, student loans, debt payoff strategies, insurance, credit–it’s all in there.

But it does it with persistently delightful feline-inspired illustrations, puns, analogies and sometimes even stickers!

Very rarely do I read a personal finance book that’s so approachable. Lillian writes with empathy, zero judgement and a level of understanding that only comes through experience.

Also included: punk rock references and writing inclusive of the Rainbow Community.

Order Your Copy Today

picture of an open book with an illustration of a cat sitting on money on a solid purple background. Heading on the next page reads "2" for the chapter number, and then, "Purrrfecting the Budget"

A little over 24 hours ago, Lillian’s Kickstarter launched to get the self-published second edition to print.

In just over 24 hours, she’s already at half her goal!

If you want to get your hands on a copy, there are tons of ways to do so. To just get the book (including early shipping!) you can pledge as little as $7 for a digital copy and $22 for a print copy.

There are all kinds of ways to support this project, though, both for more and less cash. Rewards at different levels include:

  • High-quality cat stickers. (The kiddos and I gave them a test run! Love!)
  • A 12-month kitty calendar which will help you stay on top of things like bills and budgets.
  • A book donated to someone in need in your name.
  • Access to the Get Your Money Together online course.
  • An original illustration of your own money-smart cat (or just regular cat–it’s all right if they don’t know how to budget) in both print and sticker form.
  • Sponsor a financial workshop for low-income youth with a larger pledge.

Go pick up whichever package makes the most sense for your budget today!

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    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Yay! Do it! It’s so enjoyable, and I learned some new tricks/insights in there, too!


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