The Best Place to Book Hotels for Cheap

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I’m all about saving a buck or hundred when booking a hotel.  Previously I’ve advised calling the hotel directly to book rather than doing so online through a third party site that promises to give you a “discount.”  Every time I’ve done it, I’ve saved money over the website.

But this time I’m advising something completely different.  This time I’m advising that if you want to book hotels for cheap, you head on over to Travel Pony*.

Travel Pony is a website that does what all those other sites promise to do:  give you the cheapest rate on hotels on the web.  When you are browsing your options, they show you the price that other sites are offering, and then tell you how much of a discount they will offer you.  I’ve seen anywhere between 10%-45%.  45%.  That’s saving almost half on your hospitality bill.

Best Ways to Book Hotels for Cheap Using Travel Pony

book hotels for cheap

1. Deeper Discounts on Bigger Cities

The above screenshot is what the deals for Paris look like for a trip in November (including a weekend stay.)  Booking on other sites, you’d pay about $318 each night for the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile.  With Travel Pony’s 45% discount, you’d only be paying $174.90.  That’s a discount of $143.10 per night.  There are other big discounts on cheaper hotels as you can see.

Paris is a major destination city, so I was interested to see how my tertiary-sized hometown did.  There were smaller discounts, and I think this applies across the board right now from my research.  The smaller the city, the smaller the savings.  But the savings is still totally worth it, even if it’s not at the insane 45% rate.  Check out the standard options for Pittsburgh:

book hotels for cheap

While 10% off Courtyard Pittsburgh North/Cranberry may only be $14.20 per night, that’s still $14.20 you would have been paying on other sites.  And if you stay for four nights, that a total of $56.80 you’re keeping in your wallet.

The special savings at checkout, as shown for Doubletree, is a really steep discount that they don’t advertise till checkout.  Unlike other sites, they show you the rate right before checkout after you’ve applied the appropriate promo code, so there’s time to back out if you don’t like the price.  And you actually know which hotel you’ll be staying at, so no mystery surprises just for low rates.  Without revealing exact numbers on their secret rate, I can tell you that it’s really, really good on the Doubletree right now.  You can go check it out for yourself*, if you’d like.

Here are the upscale options in Pittsburgh for that same weekend:

travel pony pittsburgh upscale

The Omni William Penn is a fancy schmancy hotel.  There are a lot of proms, expensive weddings, and other grand events there regularly.  20% off would give you a rate of $252.80/night, as opposed to the $316/night offered on other sites.

2. Book a Bit Ahead of Time

I picked travel dates in November to show you how things look a couple of months ahead of time.  When you start getting closer to your travel date, the best deals start to get swooped up.  We were looking to book a mini-weekend getaway to a relatively remote part of our state. I hemmed and hawed over the selection of hotel, since we had a few options.  When we finally decided on our dates and where we wanted to stay a couple of days later, all of our options were gone. This was a pretty last minute trip.  Moral of the story:  if you’re booking close to your travel date and see a good deal, grab it up.  It may not be around for long.

When  you’re booking a bit further out, you have a little more time to research and make your decision.

How do they do it?

So how do they offer the best deals?  Easy.  They don’t spend too much money on advertising.  While other sites are running TV ads, Travel Pony relies more on social media.  There are several options when you check out; you can either promote through LinkedIn, a tweet, a Facebook post, or click the “Pony Promise” box, which is basically you making a promise to tell your friends on your Scout’s Honor.

How to Use Travel Pony (Psst…Get a $35 hotel credit for free!)

In order to access Travel Pony’s deals, you have to set up a free account.  Once you’re in, you just select your city and travel dates, and everything will look like what I showed you above.  You click “Book It,” which will bring you to a page with more hotel details, including the rates other sites are currently charging for the same hotel on the same night, and give you the appropriate promo code to use.  Click “Book It” again, apply the promo code, and click on which way you’d like to share.  Then all you have to do is check out!  It’s a pretty straightforward process, and really easy-to-use site.

A special bonus for Femme Frugality readers…when you sign up through this link,* you get a $35 credit to spend on purchases  through Travel Pony!  That’s on top of the steep discounts.  Which means you could get one of those nights at that fancy hotel in Paris for $108.10.  Or wherever your wanderlust happens to take you.  Tell all your friends!

Have you ever used Travel Pony in the past?  Or seen such crazy steep discounts when you’ve tried to book hotels for cheap??

*Affiliate link.  When you sign up through these links, you get a $35 Travel Pony credit, and I am compensated with Travel Pony credit, as well.  $35 discount can be used on bookings of $200 before tax.  Travel Pony has awarded me with credit independent from the affiliate program for the writing of this post.  Regardless, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.  I don’t recommend things I wouldn’t use myself.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Place to Book Hotels for Cheap

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Unfortunately that’s the savings rate and not the final bill. Lol. That would be awesome though! And in my experience that’s at least as much if not more than you’d save by booking through the front desk. Plus the $35 off. Plus a much steeper discount for bigger cities.

  1. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter

    I don’t generally book hotels so much as I do B&Bs and vacation rentals (cheaper, better quality, etc) but sounds like a good company to book with. If ever I do book a hotel it’s usually through Priceline’s “name your own price” tool.

    1. femmefrugality

      I almost always do hotels. Vacation rentals creep me out unless I really, really know the person or company I’m renting from is reputable. But the few times I’ve done them, they have been amazing. And every time I look at B&Bs they’ve been comparable to hotels. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places. Did it once, though. Was a good experience.

      I’m pretty sure these prices are comparable to name your own price, if not even better, if you’re looking at a larger city. Maybe not for more rural areas, though.

  2. Jean @ NearlyRetired

    Cool! I’ve never heard of Travel Pony — will keep this filed away. Right now I mostly use Marriott points accumulated in my (high travel) job, but when I retire we’ll need to start looking for deals. I’ll keep Travel Pony in mind.

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