Partying it Up for 8 Years of Blogging

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Eight years ago last week, I started blogging. It’s been a wild journey–one that started as just a hobby and turned into a full-time job which supports myself and my children.

I am perpetually surprised by each bend in the road. Perpetually grateful for it all. And moreso this year than ever, ready to celebrate all the good that’s come along with the journey.

Celebrating at Solstice

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Urban Garden Party at the Mattress Factory. This year’s theme? Solstice.

It was crazy fun. We celebrated with great food, music and floral-themed drinks. We welcomed summer in the sun, in the museum itself and down in the basement where we listened to music in “Hell.”

I met Bowie in his full Labyrinth getup, a centaur and a million wood nymphs. It was a magical night, and one that encourages me to encourage you to attend all the Mattress Factory parties. You can check out more images from the event by following on Insta.

Celebrating the Content

Over the past eight years, Femme Frugality has pumped out more than 1,000 posts. For its blogiversary, I wanted to show you guys my top eight faves. They’re not necessarily the most trafficked (though some are,) but they’re the pieces I’ve felt proud of either because I know from reader feedback that they’ve directly impacted lives, or they have inspired meaningful conversation within the personal finance community.

Children, Medicaid & Autism: State-by-State Guide

This guide was something I created out of frustration. Frustration that it didn’t yet exist.

You see, when you have an Autistic child, their needs likely aren’t covered even if you have private insurance. Medicaid coverage is essential.

But Medicaid coverage for disabled children does not exist in all states. This makes where you live a huge factor impacting your financial life.

So I created a guide. Each year, I get into the nitty gritty with representatives from all 50 states and DC to ensure this guide contains the most up-to-date information for American parents of Autistic children. It has been used by both parents and various organizations in different states across the country.

Hope: The Most Valuable Commodity

There’s a lot that goes into overcoming difficult financial circumstances. But above all else, I believe there is one quality that controls all other aspects of our ability to pursue upward mobility: Hope.

Without hope we can struggle to even believe we can achieve. And while belief is hardly all that’s necessary to reach our goals, it is an essential ingredient without which our efforts are in vain.

Self-Uniting Marriage Can Save Brides Money

This is the post I have the most feedback on. Whether that feedback comes from comments or readers, the communication has confirmed that it’s helped people across the country get married according to their own belief systems, which often do not involve clergy in today’s day and age. This methodology has also saved readers money on their weddings.

While this post applied to everyone, after I wrote it a reader notified me that some states, like California, have even more legal intricacies surrounding the concept of self-uniting marriage. As a result, we’ve been able to help people in the state drill down into the exact legal issues Californians face in this arena and how to overcome them.

Defining Success: Thoughts on God & Money

As you’ll glean from the previous favorite post, I really DGAF about how anyone does or doesn’t believe in God.

But I have been known to opine on the subject from time to time. What are the ethical implications of pursuing monetary wealth? Where should it be on our priority list? We explored this and more as we defined success relative to spirituality.

Is Food Stamp Fraud Ruining Our National Budget?

Lol. No.

But that didn’t stop the lively discussion from popping off after this post.

Virginia Beach on a Dime

I’ve told you guys plenty about all my frugal travel hacks!

But one post does stand out, if only because I’m able to track how many people this particular post has helped. I get a ton of readers booking their VA Beach hotel based on this post, and it makes me so happy. Because the hotel is so cheap yet so, so comfortable, clean and right on the beach.

Plus, hot tubs.


The Golden Rule of Budgeting

This was my first ever Rockstar Finance feature back when J$ was still running things. I wrote it in a couple minutes while I was working out of a Starbucks, and was shocked at the reception it received.

It covers a budgeting rule that will help you no matter if you use pen and paper, a spreadsheet or an app to figure out your money.

This is the Golden Rule of Budgeting. It’s crazy simple, but has helped a ton of people do better with their monthly financial goals.

The Feminist Financial Handbook

One of the great privileges of this journey has been the book offers I have received as a result. Last year, I followed through on one of those offers and wrote a tome about finances as experienced at a variety of different intersections of oppression.

It’s called The Feminist Financial Handbook, and you can learn more about what you’ll find inside by reading this post.

Come Party with Me

Sad you missed out on the Solstice party but enjoying this one?

Then come enjoy more with me at The Best of the Burgh party on July 18, 2019!

For its 50th anniversary, Pittsburgh Magazine is hosting its Golden Anniversary Best of the Burgh Party. This Spring, they asked readers to vote for their favorite businesses in the Pittsburgh region, and this event at the casino will be to honor them.

It will also be a chance to wear all your glittery gold, sample some good eats and otherwise enjoy a good time on a Thursday evening.

The event starts at 7p, and admission normally costs $50/person. But in a joint celebration of Femme Frugality’s and Pittsburgh Magazine’s anniversaries, we’re teaming up together to offer you two (2) free tickets!

You can use the widget below to to enter through July 11, 2019 at 11:59p Eastern. Best of luck, and I hope to see you there!

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