What to Do With Expired Coupons

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If you’re anything like me, you tend to overclip.  I don’t view it as a bad thing.  I don’t use coupons if I don’t need them, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to have them in case of a huge sale.  One time I got croutons for $.19.  So we had salads that week.  Another time I stock piled my favorite shampoo at $.25/a pop.

But a lot of times I end up with a surplus of expired coupons at the end of the month.  They usually go in the trash.  Well, no more.  I recently found out about the Overseas Coupon Program, and plan on using it to cut back on waste and help some people out at                                                                                                            the same time.

What is the Overseas Coupon Program?
It’s a program that sends expired coupons to military bases overseas.  Commissaries and PX/BXs (military grocery stores and Walmart equivalents) allow personnel and their families stationed overseas to use coupons past their expiration date.  OCP collects, sorts and distributes these coupons with the help of volunteers like you.  They used to have a reward program for people who contributed coupons, but that’s on hold for now and thus irrelevant.  For now you’re just going to have to participate out of the goodness of your heart.  🙂

How do I send my coupons?

Gather up all your expired coupons.  They can be up to two months past their expiration date at the time of mailing.  Sort them into two piles:  food and non-food.  You can sort them into envelopes, plastic baggies…whatever works for you.  Label them (food or non-food) along with the total value each pile holds.

Now you have your coupons ready.  But where do you send them?  On the website (link below,) click on the “Base List” tab.  Pick one of the bases that says, “Yes, please adopt us!”  Right now there are bases in need in Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK.  You can send a one-time donation by simply mailing your contribution to one of the “adoptable” base’s address listed on the Base List, or you can make a long-term commitment by mailing a set dollar amount every month.  To make one of these long-term commitments, click on “Adoption” tab and follow the directions.

OCP Website
Click here.

Another way to support military families:
Operation Paperback.

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