Valentine’s Day Gifts for Singles Under $50

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Valentine’s Day when you’re single. So. Much. Fun.

Well, it can be fun, all sarcasm aside. My first Valentine’s Day as a single adult was about ten years ago. My friend and I went to Eat’n’Park and got the cookiest cookie sundae ever and complained about the men that had just exited our lives.



Therapeutic, tho?

Also yes.

Today, I wanted to give you a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day: Spend it with your single friends. Whether you’re doing that long-distance or piling into the car to head to Eat’n’Park.

Pick up a gift while you’re at it, since you know they won’t be getting anything from a sweetheart, either. Here are some ideas to get you started–all under $50.

Astrology of Love & Sex Book

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $20

I know, I know. Sun sign astrology alone is shallow and bullshit. And honestly, I had never heard of Annabel Gat before.

But when I saw reviews from names I had heard of before, like Chris Brennan and Anne Ortelee, I knew I had to at least crack the spine.

Guy, this book is amazing. It goes through all of the sun signs, the way they act in relationships, the way they act in bed–and it does it all while maintaining the dignity of the entire spectrum of human identity and sexuality. It doesn’t tell you anyone is off limits. It doesn’t tell you anyone is your guaranteed soul mate.

It’s fun. It’s gorgeous. And it’s way more in depth than the stuff you’ll find in the horoscope columns.

Zodiac Gift Box

Where to get it: MyDailyMantra on Etsy
Price: $37.99

While we’re on the astrology vibe, be sure to check out these sun-sign based gift boxes! MyDailyMantra puts them together full of amazing bath products like candles, lip balm, bath bombs, soap, body butter and more.

Best part? You get to pick the scent:

  • Warm Vanilla
  • Lavender Sage
  • Birthday Cake
  • Lemon Sugar
  • White Tea
  • Blood Orange
  • Flowers in Bloom
  • Holiday Spice
  • Winter Cabin Nights

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $29.95

Nineties kids rejoice! The nostalgia!

While this old-school reel viewer is a totally adorable gift for your sweetheart, I also happen to think it’s a super V-day gift for you and your single bestie to get all sentimental over.

You get to pick the images, with each click of that black lever taking your recipient on a new trip down memory lane.

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $32

These innovative, 21st century vases are simple, beautiful and made by creators in my hometown of Pittsburgh.

I’ve got this one on my nightstand, because single or not, flowers make me happy, dammit. I love that I can set up my phone for easily-accessible display, and the super smart design allows me to run the charging cord beneath the vase up into the bottom of my phone without looking tacky.

Bonus Sister Necklace

Where to get it: BellaAndBlush on Etsy
Price: $33-$37

This necklace is so sugary sweet you won’t even need to pick up a box of chocolates. I have so many women in my life who aren’t blood related, but feel and have acted like my family over the years. I wish I could get every one of them this necklace.

The price is variable because you get to pick the color and whether you want those interlocking rings hammered or smoothed. Here are your options:

  • Silver Smooth
  • Silver Hammered
  • Gold Smooth
  • Gold Hammered
  • Rose Gold Smooth
  • Rose Gold Hammered

Turkish Inspired Hand Woven Travel Jewelry Roll

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $20

This jewelry roll legit looks like a Turkish rug down to the very last intricate thread. Made even more legit because it’s actually made in Turkey.

Inside, the zippers, snaps and loops make organizing jewelry super easy. No more tangled chains! This is perfect if you know your friend is a traveller or at least headed out on an upcoming trip. Especially after you just gave her that necklace.

Portable Campfire

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $28

Not all Valentine’s Day gifts have to be about love or flowers.

But you should find a way to tie chocolate in.

This portable campfire is an awesome choice for those who love a good campfire but, like, zoning laws. It’s made from recycled products which are actually better for the environment than burning wood, namely soy wax and paper.

Be sure to package this gift with all the things you’ll need to make s’mores.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

Where to get it: UncommonGoods
Price: $17

Pair with the portable campfire! An easy way to make kabobs without needing to cut down trees for new sticks every time. The basket on these is even deeper and wider than they look in the picture–you can really pack a lot of great veggies and chicken in there!

I Don’t Like You, Valentine Tee

Where to get it: SymbolicImports on Etsy
Price: $18.99


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