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I LOVE Uncommon Goods. Did so much of my holiday shopping there this year!

What do you get someone who has an obsession with tacos?

Or travel?

Or animal balloons?

Or sensory toys?

You could get them a taco kit. Or plane tickets (you baller, you.) Or an animal balloon kit. Or a super soft blanket.

But those are all such predictable buys.

Today, I want to show you a shopping solution that lead me to find totally unique. This shopping solution treats their workers fairly, and has something for everyone.

This shopping solution is Uncommon Goods.

Uncommon Gifts from Uncommon Goods

I’ve been crushing on Uncommon Goods for years. Their products are unique and fun, and each one comes with a story. I was super excited when they approached me to review some of their products as I still had some people on my shopping list. Here’s what I got with my budget, and the story behind each piece.

Uncommon Gift for the Taco Lover

gifts for taco lovers

I’d like to introduce you to Tricerataco. He’s BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate-free, so he’s completely safe for holding your food in lieu of or in addition to a plate. He’s extinct, so he’s literally got nothing better to do with his time. Also, he’s going to my brother-in-law who, on everyday of our vacation, went to a taco stand to sate the craving. Dedication, man, dedication.

Hey, family, if you’re reading this, it would be awesome if you could not tell brother-in-law until after December 25. 😉

The Uncommon Nightlight

led dog night light

This is a gift for child and mother. I think the child part is pretty obvious: an adorable and functional gift that chases away monsters at night!

But for me, it’s nice for a couple reasons. First, the Balloon Dog Nightlight can be turned on simply by squeezing its silicone paw, which makes it super easy for kiddo. Second, I have this issue where I always forget to turn the night light off after the kids are asleep. This leads to drained batteries and ultimately an abandonment of said night light.

Well, this night light is different. It automatically turns off after 30 minutes of emanating glowing cuteness, which means the batteries are going to last me a heck of a lot longer.

Uncommon Building Blocks

sound activated blocks

What kid doesn’t love building blocks? I know mine do–we’ve even been to expos celebrating that love.

But these Sound-Activated Blocks add two new layers of sensory play to the equation. First, they light up! You can have your creation lit solid, fade in and out or flash. If you want to get really fancy, you can add that second sensory aspect: sound. You can literally clap to light up your creation–or to black it out.

We’re gonna have so much fun.

Novelty Books

100 tales of extraordinary women

I first spotted this title when Jana and I were scouring Dallas for independent book shops. I fell in love, but my wait-and-see-if-I-still-really-want-it rule kicked in.

I did still really want it days later. And now, over a year later. Regardless of the gender of my children, learning the stories of strong women is something I want to implement with them, as they’re not as common in history books and general education.

So I was over-the-moon excited to see that Uncommon Goods carried Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. I mean, of course they do! The book’s awesome, and that’s what they specialize in: carrying awesome products.

Uncommon Scratch-Off Map

map your travels

Guys, I’m so bad. I got my last Christmas present for me.

I’ve been eyeing one of these Scratch-Off Travel Maps for years, and just couldn’t resist when I saw it in the Christmas Gift section at Uncommon Goods.

The idea is this: when you travel somewhere, you scratch it off. If you have a travel maniac on your hands, their goal will probably be to scratch off as much of that map as possible, revealing the beautiful colors underneath the gold foil.

It’s hella cool. I’ll be posting my own map, how it looks in my room and all the places I’ve traveled over the next few days on Instagram. Follow me to catch all the goodness!

Common Questions About Uncommon Goods

Okay, so we know Uncommon Goods has cool products, but what about pricing? Ethics? Can I get it in time for Christmas?

Let’s review each one of those.

Is Uncommon Goods affordable?

It all depends on what you’re buying. The products featured above range in price from $12 to $48. After doing some comparison shopping on like–though not identical–items, I’ve found these prices to be fair.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can browse the Under $25 section, which has some awesome gifts. Think avocado tree starter kits, top 100 movie scratch-off posters, solar photography kits, llama socks and more.

What do they do with the money they make?

uncommon goods

Pay their employees a fair wage and treat them like human beings. They’re doing this without undercutting market pricing to gain huge industry shares, unlike other companies you might be shopping with this holiday season.

Can I still get my gifts in time for Christmas?

Yes! If you order today and select 3-5 day shipping, it should be there in time for Christmas. Three to five day shipping costs $9.95, but I have a hack for you.

Right now, if you join Uncommon Goods as a member for $19, you get free 3-5 day shipping for a year. You will also get two $5 credits in 2019. So:


If you can front the extra ten dollars, you’d actually save $0.95 long-term by signing up for membership right now and still get your presents on time for Christmas. Just be sure to double check the dates on that 3-5 day shipping–depending on where you live and what day/time you place your order, your results may vary from mine.

How are all their products so awesome?

I know, right?

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