Today Is My Favorite Day to Go Shopping

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Screw Black Friday.  There’s too many people and too much craziness that goes into all that.  December 26th is my favorite day to go shopping.  Especially in person.  Stores are trying to get rid of their holiday inventory and start slashing prices.  These sales may or may not be advertised.  But they’re definitely there to be found.

Here’s the reasons I favor the day after Christmas over the day after Thanksgiving:
  • I have a family member who has a birthday shortly after Christmas.  Even though part of my reason for waiting so long to shop is procrastination, the other part is that I can go birthday shopping consciously rather than lumping it all in with Christmas.  Not to mention the great deals I find on extraneous inventory.
  • I can get Christmas decorations for next year super cheap.  Like, ridiculously cheap.  And then I don’t have to stress out next year.
  • I can get a lot of bang for my buck out of gift cards I may have received, especially if they’re for something I really needed.
  • It’s never to early to start shopping for next year. If I get started now, our budget may not be as tight next December.
What’s your favorite time of year to go shopping?
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18 thoughts on “Today Is My Favorite Day to Go Shopping

  1. Mrs PoP @Planting Our Pennies

    My favorite time to go shopping is whenever my BFF is in town =) I hate shopping, but in addition to loving the time we get to spend together, she’s got this magic touch where she always finds the diamonds in the rough on the clearance racks and I’ll end up with the best deals.

  2. MyMoneyDesign

    My wife used to be really into shopping on the day after Christmas also. I can second all those great deals you find! Unfortunately we go to the middle of nowhere to visit the in-laws now so shopping that day isn’t really an option for us.

  3. Miss Caitlin S.

    as I’ve gotten older, I have had less and less ability to face the malls on Black Friday or the Day after Xmas. However, when I could still muster it- I ALWAYS loved the day after xmas. Sooo much better than Black Friday!! And if I had storage in my current place, I would no doubt stock up on Christmas decorations for cheap- I can’t wait until I can do that!

    And this: I can go birthday shopping consciously rather than lumping it all in with Christmas. I love that. As every December Baby i know sooo appreciates the contrast.

  4. Liquid

    I like to go shopping on the 26th of December too. Didn’t go this year though because I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to buy. In commonwealth countries we call it Boxing Day 😉

  5. CF @ OutlierModel

    I love getting Christmas chocolate on the 26th-30th. I go on the 26th to London Drugs, for the best selection and prices. Then later in the week, I go to Shopper Drug Mart for even cheaper prices (usually less than $1 for a box of chocolate or nuts) but not-so-good selection. Yum…

  6. StudentDebtSurvivor

    I’m worried I’ve missed all the good Christmas clearance. I’m crossing my fingers there are still a few things left when we head out tomorrow. I agree, post Christmas shopping is my favorite shopping of the year too!


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