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If you’re looking to follow the CDC’s about-face on face mask guidelines, it’s important to not buy medical grade. Those are for our hospital workers and others on the front lines.

I’m using a bandana right now. It’s frugal, but it’s not the best option. I’m looking to get something machine-washable for when we do have to leave the house.

While I’m spending money anyways, I’m looking to spend it at a small business.

Fortunately, there’s a platform that meets all three of my criteria. Etsy is a platform full of small businesses, and the non-medical-grade, machine-washable face mask options are plentiful.

8 Fun Face Masks

As I was narrowing down my options, I came to a realization: I’m a nerd kid from the 90s, and it shows.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite fun face masks I found on Etsy:

Darth Vader Face Mask

A little bit of the dark side, brought to you by ThePackingLlamas.

UPDATE: They’re out of vader masks, but they still have some super cute ones with llamas — go figure from the shop name!

Alt Vader Face Mask

Since ThePackingLlamas ran out and you guys are loving the vader masks, I found you another Imperial covering from VERONIKHandmade!

Baby Yoda Face Mask

How is everything with baby Yoda on it so adorable? If you prefer the light side, head to LILDEVILSANDDIVAS Etsy shop!

UPDATE: They’re all sold out! You can find more baby Yoda goodness in all his Mandalorian glory at ReviveDesignsStore!

Black & Gold Face Mask

Be still, my yinzer heart. I’m choosing to interpret this black and gold face mask from GoldenSkyToronto as an ode to Pittsburgh.

DC Heroines Face Mask

I feel like this time of crisis is a good time to call on these female archetypes. Available via ThatHipsterPlace.

UPDATE: This mask has sold, and ThatHipsterPlace is almost out of stock of face masks currently. You can, however, find another bad-a Wonder Woman face mask via pinkpurr.

Hey, Arnold! Face Mask

Who else binged Hey, Arnold! on sick days when they were a kid? I forgot how much I loved it until I saw this mask from Macochi.

UPDATE: This mask has sold out! If you’re digging the 90s kids cartoon vibe, though, Macochi still has a Ren & Stimpy one left!

UPDATE: Y’all are loving these! And I’m so glad! The Ren & Stimpy one currently has a waitlist, but you’ll probably be super into this Rugrats pattern from Macochi, too.

Tiger Face Mask

I love this one because it simultaneously celebrates our collective cultural obsession with Tiger King, but it’s not so specific that it won’t still bring smiles after the trend has faded. Handcraftedsterling has a bunch of other fun animal face masks in her shop, too.

Don’t forget the kids’ face masks!

A lot of the face masks on Etsy can be ordered in kid size or adult size. I did stumble across a couple cute ones made especially for kids!

Kids’ Girl Face Masks

I’m in love with this print, but GreerTW has a TON of different options for girls. There are some traditionally boy-themed patterns, too, but options skew pink.

Kids’ Boy Face Masks

Lots of traditionally boy-themed options, at DeTudoUmPoucobyAddie. Though I legit would have loved these when I was a kid, too. There’s also some pink sprinkled into the fabric options.

Buzz Lightyear Face Mask

You can pick up this cotton kids’ face mask at ByZari’s Etsy shop. She’s sold out of this particular pattern!

We’ll get through this, friends. To infinity, and beyond!

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