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How to get free or seriously reduced price tickets to Major League Baseball games when you have kids.

We love going to watch baseball games!  And we’re going to watch a lot of them during the second half of this season after we discovered the Pirates’ kids club also known as the Bucaroos Kids Club.  If you have a child under 14, you get all this free stuff, including tickets and gear.  There’s two levels of membership.  The first is free, the second is $30.  Which isn’t a lot considering most tickets at PNC Park would cost more than that, anyways.  (Scroll to the bottom to see similar programs for other teams across the MLB!)

(I’ve updated this to reflect the 2015 offers.  Prices have gone up and benefits have gone down since this originally went live in 2012, but it’s still an overall great deal.)

Silver Package (Free)

  • One free ticket
  • Four buy one get one ticket vouchers
  • Every game you go to, your child scans their membership ID and can earn things a backpack, window clings, and a Bucaroos baseball cap.

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Gold Package ($30)

  • Four free tickets
  • Six buy one get one vouchers
  • Bucaroos Backpack
  • Paracord Bracelet
  • Automatic entry into raffles for kids take the field (before the game on Sundays,) autograph sessions, watching batting practice from the dugout, and a special pregame salute.
  • A membership ID like the one in the silver package, except this one’s prizes are window clings, a Bucaroos baseball cap, a Josh Harrison growth chart, and an invitation to a Q&A session with the Pirates players.
Not in Pittsburgh? You can find out about programs that your city’s team may offer by checking out the MLB kids’ section of their website.

21 thoughts on “Pirates’ Kids Club

  1. Niki

    What a great program. Our park program is going to see a Pirates game later in the summer. It’s kind of a bummer we won’t get to go, but I suppose a road trip across America is not a bad substitute.

  2. Modest Money

    Wow that’s some great value for $15. The free option is pretty sweet too. What a smart way to get kids more involved. If I had kids and lived in Pittsburgh, I’d be all over that. Well ok, other than the fact that I don’t like baseball either lol.

  3. Anthony Thompson

    This would be such a fun thing for me. O love baseball, and I especially get a kick out of watching little league. This is a great program that gives you two cool options. Either option is a nice bargain.

  4. CF

    I like it when places create “bundles” like that. The added value is not so much effort for them, but really makes a difference to their fans.

  5. Michelle

    I don’t think the Cardinals have anything like this…but I need to look into it! My boys would love to run the bases. I don’t get it. All you do is…run around the bases, right? They think it would be “fun” though. Am I old and lame?

  6. AverageJoe

    We were visiting Carnegie Mellon yesterday and wanted to see a game while in town (went to PNC for the first time last year. Awesome park. Saw a Train concert after the game w/ fireworks.). It didn’t work out, though.

  7. Miss Caitlin S.

    yes! love it. My Dad was always on the lookout for baseball deals when my Sister and I were little. You can have SUCH a fun day and feel like a millionaire for so little at a ball game- so great, great tip!

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