An Economic Appreciation of Lord Stanley

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Reasons why you should respect the Stanley Cup and the team who won it in 2017--the Pittsburgh Penguins!

I’ve got to be completely straight with you: I am not the world’s biggest hockey fan.

Being from Pittsburgh, this is all but a sin. I’ve tried–truly. I will say that I enjoy the games much more when they’re live. We went to a scrimmage in 2013 near the end of the NHL lockout. When we were in Calgary this winter we even caught our hometown team play against the Flames.

FRUGAL TIP: Hockey games are waaaaaayyyyy cheaper in Calgary!!!

Live games are kind of fun, but I don’t know the rules and don’t mind if I miss a few minutes when I get stuck in the refreshment line.

Hockey’s Economic Contribution

What I really appreciate about the Penguins is all the good they do for our city. Unlike other sports, they don’t employ thugs. Their players are constantly giving back to our local community. And that lockout? It proved that the NHL is a major contributor to Pittsburgh’s overall economy.

In the recent past, the Pens have brought people in not just from out of town, but from out of the suburbs. You can frequently watch away games at the big screen in front of PPG Paints Arena, bringing more spending dollars downtown. And don’t even get me started on those insane victory parades—over 600,000 people downtown this year from what I heard!

My Kid is Every Other Pittsburgher

It also brings a lot of joy to my family. I’m pretty sure my eldest is with me and couldn’t care less about the sport itself, but my youngest has now watched the Penguins score their winning goal for the Championship two years running. It’s a fond memory with their father.

Tweeting n’at

One great thing about all this hockey success in 2017 is that fans can always stay connected, tweeting out pictures of Crosby with the cup and streaming the joy-filled madness on Facebook Live. Because we had oh, so many people staying connected downtown this year, though, we needed a little tech boost.

Verizon, who is particularly committed to the fans and the community, added eight small cells surrounding PPG Paints Arena this year. These permanent mini cell sites help bring additional speed and capacity not just for things like the victory parade, but also for any Pittsburgher who travels downtown.

Viewing the Stanley Cup

As a thank you for their generosity, the Penguins brought the cup to the Verizon offices so their employees could touch the challis that has bathed the babies of champions. In turn, Verizon was kind enough to invite my family out to view the cup, too.

It was really cool to be able to see my youngest, who has now seen legends hurl this very trophy above their heads after back-to-back victories, reach out and touch the cup, tentatively at first, and then giggling with glee after they realized this was the real thing.

Thanks to the Pens for boosting Pittsburgh’s economy and helping the least of us through your charity work, and thanks to Verizon for helping us tweet about it!


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3 thoughts on “An Economic Appreciation of Lord Stanley

  1. Sarah @ Smile & Conquer

    I’m so jealous of the success the Penguins have had over the last few years. I’m from Edmonton and a huge Oilers fan so I’ve got high hopes for next season. Maybe you’ll learn to love the game even more 😉 It’s certainly more fun when you know the rules and can follow better.

    1. femmefrugality Post author

      Truth! I learned a little bit about icing, and have to admit that when it’s live it’s far easier for me to get into. Might have to come up to Alberta for another game. It’s really that much cheaper haha.

  2. Fruclassity (Ruth)

    I’m trying REALLY hard to be objective as I digest your post. You see, the Penguins broke my heart this year as I cheered our Cinderella Story team, the Ottawa Senators, VERY close to a victory over the Pens. 7 games and overtime! (Was it double overtime?) Ahhh … Good to know the Pens are such positive contributors to Pittsburgh. (There, how did I do?)


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