Mend Your Clothes–Save Money

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When you have something today that is broken or damaged, do you toss it away or try to fix it?

When I was a child, I took sewing classes at an after-school program.  We made little quilts for our dolls and learned a few basic stitches.  To this day, a few basic stitches are all that I know, but they’ve helped me do tons.  I’ve made quilts, basic blankets, curtains, and been able to mend torn stuffed animals and even clothes.

Clothes is the story of the day.  When I was in high school, I’d try to sew patches over  my torn up jeans because DIY was cool.  In retrospect, I’m sure I looked ridiculous.  Some things just can’t be fixed.

But these jeans could!  I bought them for $8 on clearance at Kohl’s a few years ago.  At one point, I almost got rid of them.  I had lost some weight and they were way baggy.  I’m so glad I kept them.  As a postpartum mother, they were the first non-maternity pants I could fit myself into.  I ignored the fact that they had been big on me  before pregnancy, because it felt really good to be able to say I was in normal people clothes again.  Now they’re a tiny bit large again, but still wearable.  Until this happened:




This happens to guys’ pants a lot.  It’s wallet wear from always carrying it around in your back pocket.  I have no idea how it happened to mine.  Maybe my butt was too big.  Whatever the cause, I busted out my elementary school sewing skills and fixed them up:

All better!

I could have gone and bought another $8 pair of jeans on clearance.  It is the right time of year.  But that would be another $8 I couldn’t spend on something else.

I know a few people who are seamstresses on the side.  They hem, tailor, or make clothing.  Big ticket items are prom dresses and wedding gowns, but there’s everyday stuff, too, like hemming pant legs that are too long or pants that need to be brought in because the client has long legs.  I’d say sewing, at least the basics if not more, is a pretty awesome skill to have.  It can help bring and keep money in.
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12 thoughts on “Mend Your Clothes–Save Money

  1. Daisy

    I can’t sew for the life of me, but I wish I could. I have so much I need to mend and I have to bring it somewhere to get it done!

  2. Modest Money

    Unfortunately I don’t have sewing skills either. I learned that back in high school. Still, I don’t throw away clothes just because they have a hole or if a button comes off. It is cheaper to take it to a tailor rather than outright replacing it. Besides why bother throw something out that it is still usable?

  3. Christa

    Great mend job on those jeans!! I think jeans are one of the more difficult things to mend. My husband’s jeans recenly lost a loop, and I had to sew it back on…but my mend job was noticeable.

  4. Tackling Our Debt

    I was going to say the same, great job on those jeans and great deal at 8 bucks.

    I can re-sew buttons on shirts and maybe close up tiny holes, but not a great deal. I took sewing in high school but never pursued it at home. My husband though will sew up most anything he has that needs sewing by hand and he even used a sewing machine to make drapes for our dining room.

  5. AverageJoe

    I have to learn to sew. That’s one area I depend on others a ton. I cook well and can do basic home or car maintenance, but sewing is a skill I never learned.

  6. tinysarah

    My Mum has fabulous sewing skills – for me, I find the cost of a decent sewing machine far outweighs the cost of the odd hem job at a tailor. Not to mention the space a sewing machine would take up in my tiny apartment! However, it is lovely to know how to do a few basic stitches, if not just to sew a lost button back on.

  7. TM @ Young and Thrifty

    Great picture and tie in! It’s funny because right now I’m teaching the class novel Brave New World, and I just keep hearing, “Ending is better than mending,” playing over and over. It is remarkable how close our materialistic society is coming to those old dystopian ones. Good on ya for bucking the trend.

  8. Shawanda

    I haven’t sewn anything in 20 years. Although, I see so many cool things I’d like to make on Pinterest, I’m tempted to get a sewing machine. And then I come to my senses. I don’t have room for it, and I don’t have money to waste on something I’ll never use. But still good for you for fixing those jeans. I’m hanging on to a pair I’ll either throw out or pay someone else to fix. They’re really cute.

  9. This Aggie Saves

    As a kid I sewed a lot but now as an adult I feel like I’ve lost all the know-how. But, I can still mend so that helps a lot.


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