How to get free stuff for your opinion

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Reasons my friend Becky is amazing:

  • She’s ambitious.
  • She’s hard-working.
  • She’s fun.
  • No one understands my life like she does.
  • She told me to take surveys on the bottom of receipts.
I see these things all the time.  And I never take them.  Becky said I should.  And she was right.  After hearing her counsel, I went through my shred pile and realized how much money I have been missing out on.  If not money, just flat out free stuff.  If you look at the bottom of your receipts, many stores will request that you take a customer satisfaction survey either online or over the phone.  Most of these surveys reward you with a discount at your next visit, a free item, or a chance to win an insanely huge giftcard.
Becky’s Recommendations
  • Subway Receipts- Free Cookie!
  • Burger King Receipts- Free Fries or Drink
  • Walmart- A chance to win $1,000 gift card
Expired Offers I Found in My Shred Pile and am Now Kicking Myself For
  • Target- 10% off next purchase (This is the biggest one I’m hating myself over.)
  • Motherhood Materinty- Chance to win $100 gift card
  • Burlington- Chance to win a $500 shopping spree
  • Charley’s- This one I wouldn’t have even had to take a survey for.  All I had to do was bring back my receipt within seven days to get a free fry.  Dang it.  Then again, maybe my waistline should be thankful…
Research led me to find these….
I can’t tell you how excited
I was to see Old Navy’s Flare
Jean commercial.  Thank God
 they’re back.
  • Old Navy- 10% off your next purchase
  • Bath & Body Works- $10 your next $30 purchase
  • Dunkin Donuts- Free donut with medium or large beverage purchase
Now, this isn’t to say that every receipt from these stores offers a survey or the same reward for the survey.  But I challenge you to look through your recent receipts and keep track of them as you’re making purchases in the coming weeks…you’ll be surprised how much you can potentially make off your opinions!

2 thoughts on “How to get free stuff for your opinion

  1. Lindy Mint

    I’ve gotten a few free drinks from Starbucks for doing their surveys. And sometimes the Target surveys enter you into a pool to win a $500 gift card. I think Home Depot has the same thing. If I ever win, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    Great list!


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