How To Build Your Home On A Shoestring Budget

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When it’s time to strike out on your own and find a suitable property, the thought of finding something that suits all your needs can be quite daunting. Building a home, on the other hand, can tick all those boxes and still come in up to 30% cheaper than buying a house.

For the most part, you’re in control of the entire budget and can choose all the elements you need in the property. While buying an existing property has the advantage of already being available, if you’re looking for a frugal option, a newbuild surprisingly might just be it. 

Consider Converting An Existing Shell 

There are a number of structures that might do when it comes to building the perfect home in a suitable shell, such as existing barns, old factories, and even shipping containers. These provide a solid structure at a fraction of the cost of constructing the exterior from scratch. A conversion could also save a substantial amount on the planning side of things, as the entire design has to work around the existing structure, as opposed to conceptualizing an entirely new idea. 

Opt For A Turnkey Solution 

Architect fees can run anywhere from 8% to 15% of the cost of construction on a newbuild, which is a substantial portion of the build. One of the ways to cut down on these costs is to ask the architect to only provide the bare minimum plans in order to get approved for the build. Usually, the fees creep up to the maximum when customers wish to have every area of the house completely mapped out.

The flipside, however, is that spending that extra bit on the architect fee can actually reduce the cost of construction. This is because there is no room for error as every part of the design is carefully planned. Pre-packaged home builder solutions offer future homeowners options that will include the entire cost of the project as a turnkey solution. 

Do As Much Of The Labor As You Can 

If you are able to clear out rubble on the lot or help dig the foundation, then it’s in your best interest to do so. This could also include painting and tiling if you happen to have the skill and right tools for the job. Even if it means coming in alongside a crew, this could potentially cut a day or a few days off the entire project’s time, which could have a positive effect on the labor bill. It’s important that you take on projects within your range of skills in order not to delay the project. 

A newbuild is not only a great way to get as close to your dream home as possible; it can also be a cost-saving enterprise if you know where to look.

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