Get Free Stuff For Your Vegas Vacation

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vegasAs a personal rule, I’m not on Facebook.  I used to be.  Then my frustration with their privacy policies started to outweigh the utility I was getting out of the social network.

But I’m aware that half the world is on Facebook.  And if you are, this short little post will probably rock your socks.

I have some friends who recently went to Vegas.  And they’re planning on going back.  They’re on facebook with the rest of the human race, and started showing me this game they play.  It’s called myVEGAS, and it’s free.  They play games like slot machines and accrue points.  Then when they take their vacation, they can claim those points for free stuff.  They showed me how you could get free nights at hotels, but they were admittedly a ridiculous amount of points.  What they did get, however, was a free meal at a restaurant.  (Apparently buffets are the thing to do out there?)  They also got to go see a show.  For free.  For freaking free.  Because they were playing games on facebook.

Just a note to airliners: if you create a facebook game that gives me free flights if I play it obsessively, I may have to crawl back on my knees to Zuckerberg.

7 thoughts on “Get Free Stuff For Your Vegas Vacation

  1. cantaloupe

    Dude, that’s awesome.

    And seriously, haha, if Candy Crush had that, I would be soooo happy. I’m on some absurdly high level because that candy is like crack.

    Please make it happen for flights.

  2. femmefrugality Post author

    Consensus: Candy Crush…you should give away free stuff. They’ve got to have advertiser’s knocking down their door, right?


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