Free Admission to Carnegie Museums

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The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are offering a free night this Thursday from 4-8 PM courtesy of The Jack Buncher Foundation!  If you’ve never been, you really should go.  Both are fantastic.  If you’ve already been you know how amazing they are.  Last year we went and could only get through the museum of Natural History; there’s so much impressive stuff to see.  We touched dinosaur bones (the ones they have on display for that specific purpose,) and stood in awe of casts of cathedral exteriors.

Parking rates are normal, which is to say if you use their lot it’s $5.  I’d recommend the lot as most parking spaces in Oakland are now $2/hour.  Boo.

5 thoughts on “Free Admission to Carnegie Museums

    1. femmefrugality

      Me, too. Especially after they’re privatized. They’ve more than doubled in most places in the city the past couple of years. I’m loving your idea…don’t be surprised if you hear I’m a parking space superstar in a few years…

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