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One of my children is a very visual learner and loves reading. Loves the tactile feel of the pages between their fingers. Every year for their birthday, what they want more than anything else is a photo book.

This year, we had a slight photo storage problem and weren’t able to get them the photo book in time. Luckily, we got everything resolved just in time for Christmas, and we’re making the book into a joint present for both of our kids.

To do this, I used AdoramaPix. Making these things usually takes me HOURS, but this was the easiest experience I’ve ever had. I just uploaded my pictures, picked my template, and it automatically inserted all of our favorite photo ops from the past year. It grouped pictures together by events, and I only had to go in and adjust the cropping on two of them. TWO! That’s nothing.

It was seriously the quickest and lowest-stress experience I’ve had creating a photo gift.

It also shipped insanely quickly, which was a pleasant surprise. The pages are thicker than what I’m used to with photo book products—more like cardstock than glossy paper. It’s going to be a lot more durable than the ones we have gotten in the past!

One head’s up when you’re making it, though–if you’re like me and take a lot of cell phone pictures, make sure you play with the lighting on the picture when you’re editing your book. A few of mine came out dark, and it’s not the company’s fault. Other pictures on the same pages turned out beautifully. I guess I have a habit of tilting my screen to make things look better, but that doesn’t work when you take things from screen to paper. :p

I’m also super excited to let you guys know about a deal they have going on right now for holiday cards. Right now you can save 40% off holiday cards with code PXUSFAM40 through December 20, 2016.

Happy photo gifting!



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