Why It’s Important to Discuss Finances With Your Spouse

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Why It's Important to Discuss Finances With Your Spouse

They started before my husband and I got married; the dreaded financial arguments.  They sure weren’t going to disappear once we signed the marriage certificate, but at least we were on the same page.  I was the spender, he was the saver, and we had separate banking accounts.

When you’re married, it’s normal to disagree sometimes on finances, but arguments over and over are the last things you want to happen.  Financial stress in a marriage can be devastating.  It’s been said that money is the leading cause of marital fights.  Those fights can magnify other struggles that exist in your relationship.  Discussing finances regularly will keep things in the open, cause less anxiety, and hopefully result in a more harmonious relationship.

Here’s a scenario that used to happen almost weekly at my house:

My husband would sit me down and discuss my personal finances with me.  He’s very organized and financially aware.  He could tell me the exact percentage of money that I spent on shoes the month before.  “Did you really need that?” was the question that would ring in my head constantly.

After months of these conversations I knew I had to get things on track or we would continue down this negative path.  My husband helped me put together a budget and I slowly began paying my debts down.  Granted, I enjoyed buying shoes, but I also liked the thought of being debt free and most importantly not having to explain myself weekly.

Today, we feel good about where we are financially.  Our talks about finances are more about what we are each contributing, what we can and can’t afford, and the future.  We don’t have children, but our concerns lately are the “what ifs”.  What if one of us was to unexpectedly pass away?  My husband is the primary earner of our household and he travels a lot for work.  When I can’t get in touch with him after an extended period of time I start to get anxious.  What if something terrible has happened?  What would I do?  How would I take care of our expenses?

These worries have us thinking about the bigger picture.  The discussions have turned to financial planning and the need for life insurance policies.  It’s not an easy topic to talk about, but it’s not about death, it’s about ensuring that your loved ones are able to have financial stability and security in the event that you are no longer around to provide.  My husband doesn’t want me overwhelmed with financial stress on top of the emotional and physical strain his premature death would bring.  He wants me to be financially stable and have the ability to maintain the lifestyle we had together.

It’s important to think about the future and to discuss finances with your spouse.  Term life insurance can help replace the income of a breadwinner should they die unexpectedly, and Quotacy can help you get the best coverage for your individual situation.  They offer instant term quotes and don’t ask for any personal contact information unless you decide to buy.  Start planning now by taking 30 seconds to get a term life insurance quote.  This is the one thing you may wish you didn’t put off until tomorrow.



This post is brought to you by Jeanna, Social Media Coordinator for Quotacy, an online life insurance agency for the modern consumer. When not at work, Jeanna enjoys writing for her own personal beauty, fashion and fitness lifestyle blog, volunteering for a local dog rescue, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Discuss Finances With Your Spouse

  1. donebyforty

    Learning to talk about money in a healthy way is tricky. I won’t say we have it ‘down’, but the missus and I are miles ahead of where we used to be.

    Our trick: being on top of your finances (debt, investing, saving) has the added bonus of not having that many arguments on those big issues.

  2. giulia

    I’m agree is important to be honest with your partner and about your debt or his, you are a tem and everyone must to support the other…

  3. Alexandra @ Real Simple Finances

    It is so important to discuss finances with your spouse! Especially those difficult topics, like life insurance and beneficiary status on accounts or retirement funds. Having worked in a bank, I cannot tell you how brokenhearted it made me to turn away people who needed money, but whose spouse hadn’t taken the correct steps to make sure that money was easily accessible before passing away. It’s a sad topic, but probably the most important one to cover.


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